The best education starts at home. Which is why before kids can get comfortable with school learning among friends, parents often try and help initiate the learning process for their kids. Whether English is their first language or not, certain activities can help strengthen their vocabulary, their speech and many other aspects of their development and learning.

Everyone’s learning pace is never the same, so do not lose your patience and gradually walk them through the process. Here are top kids English activities to try out with your children and help their grasp of the English Language:

Building Stories Together

For many of us as adults, the bedtime tales make up for a large portion of our childhood memories; the mysterious knight and their horse, the town girl’s adventures and many more. Bedtime tales not only make up for a happy time, but also are a great way to increase vocabulary.

Go over already told stories and read them together in turns, then try out reading newer stories. Another fun and helpful activity is making up new stories together. You tell a line and they from their learnt words, ideas and imagination, fill in with the second line. You take the third and follow through the process till both of you build an entire story. Storytelling is an essential and effective English Activity for nursery class students, which is as fun as is valuable for their intellect. 

Get a Label Maker

None of us at birth knew the names of home appliances, vehicles, places or anything for that matter. It was years of getting accustomed to hearing repeated words, that we ourselves started to learn. Start with the basics and get a label maker to give a name to things at home. It not only helps their vocabulary but also helps you in understanding your child better. Label things around the house. And the next time Instead of approaching you they will try and decode the colorful labels themselves.

Rhymes and Songs for Better Memorizing

Songs and rhymes are a great way to learn many new things. Rhymes are an excellent pneumonic device and take up a major part of learning in nursery schools. You can always take the aid of the internet for newer and innovative rhymes and song ideas, when you are at a loss. Whether it is learning days of a week, months, names of wild animals or learning colors, rhymes and songs can help your child’s vocabulary extensively as they go around singing the catchy rhyme throughout the day.

Get Fun and Creative With Games

Learning, especially at a young age should never be just dull, and always merged with fun. As is followed in kindergartens and schools, and as should be in their homes. You can play games and English activities like I Spy, Atlas, memory games and other such fun activities with your children without taking help of any devices. You can also get interest in vocabulary enhancing board games, and other fun games to make sure your child enjoys learning.

Some other interesting kids’ English activities can be teaching words through arts and crafts, indulging in phonic activities, going on adventures and memorizing place names together and many more. And remember to have fun together while learning!