Being satisfied in knowing that where your child is going to school is a good place and they will be able to receive proper education and learn love, tolerance, and acceptance is necessary. Quality of education differs for every state in the country. Parents go through a lot of stress to enroll their kids in the best schools in the country. It is generally observed that in this age of fierce competition if a child receives complete and holistic education right from the very beginning, they tend to build careers that end up being extremely successful. It is necessary to know the quality of the schooling system in the state that you live in.


Considered one of the educational hubs, we find some of the top schools in Bangalore. Both private and government schools are found and they are either affiliated with a state or national board. The IT sector in Bangalore is extremely developed since the biggest national and international IT companies have their hubs in Bangalore.  The schools provide an environment of excellence and opportunities so that the children can later contribute towards this development even further. It’s not just an excellent hub for IT education. Along with great IT universities, there are several amazing universities for other disciplines like medicine, law, management, English, etc.

There are over 60 international schools in the state of peaceful Karnataka, and 24 public and 6 private universities. The mandatory regulations from state boards on schools are the reason behind the quality of schools in Bangalore. Additionally, the faculty of each school is excellent considering they have passed out from one of these state-of-the-art colleges in the state. Students from all of Karnataka prefer Bangalore as a place to carry on their higher education. Anyone who wants a job in the IT sector within India tends to migrate to the state and enroll in some of the top schools in Bangalore. 


The top 10 schools in Chennai are some of the best places to get an education for a child in Tamil Nadu. Private and government schools under state or national boards are found. The government takes active steps to make sure that the children are comfortable while receiving a great education. This is why they launched a program where books will be merged. Till standard 6 there will be one book and for 7&8 there will be 2. Some schools also have book banks where children can borrow books for the year for a nominal fee. This is a system followed by the top schools among others so that poverty doesn’t come in the way of proper education. Chennai is also one of the only places where professionally trained teachers make up the faculty of a school. All disciplinary fields like arts, medicine, law, and technology are equally given importance here. Great universities dedicated to each field can be found where children can pursue their dreams.

Some of the best institutions for education are found in Chennai and Bangalore. If your child is pursuing a career in these places, they are in eligible hands who will help them shape their futures completely.