When it comes to selecting a school for your little ones or even the grown-up ones, it’s never an easy task to do. Choosing the right school depends on various components and factors. From considering the distance to faculty and the infrastructure, there are a lot of things to be taken into account while looking for the perfect school. If it’s a high school, you need to look out for the subjects offered, the extra-curricular activities, sports facilities, and others. Also not to forget, the board you’re going to consider. As per India, apart from the state boards, ICSE and CBSE are the two other boards offered by the educational system. While ICSE offers a curriculum that is a bit strenuous and difficult for students, CBSE provides the scope of all-around development, along with varied subjects, domains, and a regulated syllabus which in the future, will help for the competitive exams after boards. Here are some features of the best schools in India including the top 10 CBSE schools in India; you should look for before enrolling your child. 


The first and foremost factor that determines the quality of a school is its faculty. Go through the teacher’s list ardently and diligently. You must see that every subject is allotted to the respective quality teacher. As a good student doesn’t necessarily mean being a good teacher, don’t go by the qualifications. Rather, ask a senior or one who had studied in that school about how the teaching is. It might happen that though a teacher is moderately qualified, he/she can be an excellent teacher. But, he/she should be specialized in that subject, along with years of experience. 

Teacher-Student Ratio

Another major feature of the best private schools of India is that they pay intricate attention to each student individually. Thus, a 20:1 teacher-student ratio is appreciable, as this will cater to the needs of each student. A crowded classroom makes it almost impossible for a teacher to pay attention to a single one of the students. Thus, small classes with efficient teachers are something you must look out for. Also, interaction in a small class is much more effective than in a large gathering. Moreover, small classes encourage group discussions ad activities which will make the students know about the importance and benefits of teamwork.

Subjects Offered

Before enrolling in school, make sure to go through the subjects offered by the school. Now, this might seem unimportant in the junior years, but once the student passes class 10th, it becomes the most important factor. Opt for a school that provided all the three streams of humanities, science, and commerce. If a school offers only one of the three, try not to go for it as if in the future, your child wants to change the stream, it becomes troublesome. Also, check out the extra-curricular activities provided by the school. As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, extra-curricular activities are as important as studies are.

These are some of the features you need to look for in the best schools in India. But remember, along with the educational quality and other factors; don’t forget to count on your child’s wishes and requirements.