Buying and preparing eggs are both very easy. One can easily get fresh eggs from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, and boil, scramble or poach them at home. However, these egg cooking techniques are just the standard stuff, and may get a bit monotonous after a while. Therefore, one must always try to keep exploring new and innovative ways to prepare eggs at home.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania talks about certain unusual ways to cook eggs

Curing is among the most interesting yet underused ways of cooking eggs. Cured eggs can be especially amazing as a garnish. They provide a condensed version of the flavor profile of a typical egg, and have a distinctive umami taste that can enhance the appeal of almost any dish. Curing is a cooking method that packs a lot of flavor in just a tiny yolk. This yolk can be grated over a dish, rather than had as whole. However, one needs to note that curing process for eggs is not a fast one. It takes about a couple of days time. One firstly has to strain the yolks of the eggs free from the whites, and subsequently bury them in salt and let them cure in the fridge for days. After doing so, the eggs have to be dehydrated either in an oven or a dehydrator. Once the eggs are cured, these yolks can be added to soups, pasta and salads. They can also be used in place of cheese in many dishes.

Air fryers are present in many homes today, and can be used for much more than just frying. In fact, people can buy eggs from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania and use the air fryer for cooking them. Basically, whole eggs have to be placed in the fryer basket for 15 minutes, while setting the temperature to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. After 15 minutes, one has to remove the eggs from the basket and put them into an ice bath so that they can continue to cook. This will help people to make boiled eggs without actually boiling any water.

Another interesting way to cook eggs is in a paper bag. This trick especially comes as a huge advantage when one is camping or having a picnic. In addition to paper bag and a hate source like a campfire, open flame or coals, this method also requires bacon. The thicker the bacon, the better it shall be for the dish. One basically has to layer their paper bag with bacon, and make sure it creeps up the side of the bag. Doing so would create a protective layer between the eggs and the paper. Therefore, the bag will not get burnt and the eggs will not end up soaking through and onto the ground. As the eggs are deposited on top of the layer of bacon, one may just roll the top of the bag closed and seal everything inside. After doing so, the paper bag has to be somehow suspended over a low fire or hot coals by sticks or tongs. Both eggs and the bacon will take about five to seven minutes to cook.