We have all seen pups roll around in the grass, thinking they are the lawn king. It is probably hard to find a dog that will not love it. If you have synthetic grass, your puppy may love it even more. Here are the top reasons why your canine will love artificial turf.

With natural grass, your yard is a breeding ground for ticks, insects, fleas, and other vermin. Many of these nuisances will hop onto your pup to get inside your home. It typically leads to issues for your dog, as well as everyone else in the home. Luckily, these critters aren’t too delighted to breed on artificial turf lawns. Having an imitation yard means no minor creature invasions and no unwelcome company on the lawn. Furthermore, you won’t need any chemicals to keep your yard free from pesky animals.

Grass allergies are found in dogs and other pets. Although the reaction may be local, it can cause the pup to lick excessively or cause itching and scratching in one or more places. It can also occur. These symptoms may be less pronounced in dogs than in humans. So what should you do if your pooch is allergic to natural grass? With your veterinarian’s advice and inspection, installing artificial turf will give your dog a lifetime of enjoyment. Artificial turf is simple to clean and maintain and contains fewer impurities than natural grass, so it won’t irritate your dog.

Dogs love to dig. It’s something they enjoy doing. With proper laying, your dog will not uproot or stain your artificial turf. Artificial turf offers greater durability, better drainage, softness, and absorbency, making it the perfect product for your pet. Some dogs dig and seriously destroy natural grass, but if there’s grass, there’s no chance your canine will dig holes and ruin the landscape.

In winter or when it rains, the lawns of homes and businesses become muddy, snowy, damp, and inaccessible. With artificial turf, you don’t have to think about all these obstacles. The lawn is easy to clean, looks and feels great, and is durable all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Its drainage system prevents puddles on the surface, allowing your dog to play at all times without worrying about injuries or muddy ground.

The most important benefit besides being allergen free is the feel of the grass. Your dog cannot tell the difference between our synthetic turf and natural turf. The grass is soft and perfect for dogs to play. Also a great product for kennels, pet hotels, resorts, and dog parks. We have pet lawn systems specifically designed for medium to high-volume use by homeowners and businesses for both small and large dogs. This product feels like the real thing requires minimal maintenance, does not fade, and is more durable than real grass.

If you are in the Orlando, FL, area, and would like to make artificial turf a reality for your lawn, call Artificial Turf Tampa. We know you and your dog will love it.