The importance of the honeybee can never be underestimated. These little insects are one of the most crucial pollinators that we have, and they are responsible for much of the food that we eat today. It’s not a stretch to say that without the honeybee, many plants would die. This would then have a ripple effect on the food chain and potentially lead to mass starvation.

Now that you know just how important the honeybee is, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to contribute to saving the species.

To that end the following are a few easy ways to help:

Plant a Bee Friendly Garden: Everyone can make their home more bee friendly. If you don’t have a large yard, you can dot bee-friendly plants about in planters. Even those in apartments can put plants on their windowsills or balconies to try to attract honeybees.

Provide Water Sources: Bees, just like other insects and animals, need water to survive. Although they typically get their water from the plants they visit, this is not always possible. You can do your bit to help the honeybee by placing a bee-friendly water source in and around your home. This could be a shallow bowl filled with pebbles and water, which will make it easier for the bees to land and drink.

Avoid Using Chemicals and Pesticides: Although you might want to deter certain pests from damaging your plants, using certain chemicals and pesticides could have a negative impact on the honeybee. If you need to use pesticides, choose an organic method that will not harm visiting bees.

Get Involved with Bee Conservation: There are many organizations working hard to help with bee conservation, and you can do your bit too. For example, something as simple as buying some bee-inspired jewelry from Project Honey Bees will fund a bee adoption, which then aids research into pollinator population.

Support Local Beekeepers: Supporting local beekeepers by buying their raw honey is another way to help maintain bee populations. Nevertheless, limit your consumption of raw honey and keep it for special occasions only.

Provide a Nesting Place for Bees: It is not just honeybees that need our help. Providing nesting sites in your yard means that you can help honeybees and other solitary bees. For example, why not set up a hive box in your yard in the hopes of attracting a swarm of honeybees, or else a bee hotel that allows solitary bees to nest.

Educate Friends and Family: If you are really passionate about saving the honeybee, you can help others to become passionate too by letting them know about the threats facing this important pollinator. You can then offer some advice regarding things they can do.


Saving the honeybee is incredibly important as they are a hugely important part of the global food chain. Along with other bees, insects, and birds, the honeybee is responsible for pollinating a range of plants that we and other animals rely on. Without them, it is likely that many of these plants would no longer be available, which could have a massive impact on global food supplies.

To help try and save the honeybee, there is plenty you can do. Plant some bee-friendly flowers in your garden or in pots in your yard, and you can support local beekeepers. Alternatively, do your bit for bee research and conservation by purchasing bee jewelry from companies that donate money from each sale.

Finally, educating others about the plight of the honeybee and encouraging them to get involved too can really make a difference.