All of us have a certain financial goal to meet in the long run. This is not only important to meet our long-term desires but also to continue our daily living at ease. For this purpose, you can choose to invest in Kotak e-invest and secure your financial future now.

Kotak e-Invest is a ULIP. It is a combination of both an investment and protection plan. Yearly additions, a host of fund options, and 100% premium allocation on select funds are some of the many benefits this plan has to offer. Let’s learn more about it as we read and understand why it is one of the most prominent ULIP plans out there today.

Why To Invest In Kotak E-invest ULIP Plan?

1. A Range Of Plan Options

Kotak e-Invest offers three distinctive plan options for you to choose from- Maximizer, Rising Star, and Retire Rich.

Each of them has separate eligibility criteria, benefits, features, and packages to offer. This means anyone opting for Kotak e-invest can easily get good flexibility without any worries. This can help them make a sound choice. Thus, you should speak to your insurance provider about the same before you invest in Kotak e-Invest.

2. Numerous Fund Options

There are many funds that you can choose from if you wish to invest in Kotak e-Invest. This allows you to examine each of them comprehensively and select the one that is best suited to your needs.

Generally, there are seven fund options available. They are- Money Market Fund, Dynamic Bond Fund, and Frontline Equity Fund. Apart from this, there are Balanced Fund, Dynamic Floating Rate Fund, and Classic Opportunities Fund. Dynamic Gilt Fund is also a part of it.

3. Yearly Additions

Kotak e-Invest will offer additional units. This will be done from the 6th year of the policy year. It will go on until the maturity or death of the policyholder.

Nearly 3% of the annual premium gets added to the fund by the final month of every policy year. The yearly additions will be designed on the basis of the fund unit price. However, this is only possible if all due premiums are paid off timely and the policy is still in action. For more details, consult your policy provider now and invest in Kotak e-Invest mindfully.

4. Easily Customisable

Kotak e-Invest can easily be customised to your needs and budget. This is because of the paramount flexibility that the plan offers to its policyholders.

The Bottom Line

The money you earn is hard-earned. That is why you must make sure that it is invested in the right place and safely. The money that you invest anywhere must also be able to offer good returns. With Kotak e-Invest, you can be sure to experience it in no time. Start investing in Kotak e-Invest today and see the difference yourself. It is bound to help you