Nowadays, everyone has a different lifestyle and due to hectic and busy schedules, we don’t want to pay attention to lifestyle choices that we are making wrong. Yes, there are so many worst decisions we are making to make our lives better than others. Our certain choices can go wrong for bone health, and in this blog, we will share what mistakes we are making in our lifestyle that directly impact bone health. Have a look

Not Moving Enough

If you are not moving enough, then there are possible chances you are not using your bones. It will be stronger only when you don’t get used to it. Make sure you have involved yourself in physical exercise such as walking and strength training which is imperative for bone health. Otherwise, you would increase the chances of osteoporosis risk.

Overeating Protein

Are you one of those who overeat protein? Let me tell you; it can disrupt kidneys to excrete more calcium to decrease bone density. This disease would lead to Osteoporosis. There are so many studies related to this where protein consumption increases the need for more calcium absorption. Make sure when it comes to your health, you need to remain moderate in this.

Consumption of Alcohol

A higher level of alcohol consumption would affect the bones health. You should know alcohol can increase cortisol levels that lead to lower bone mineral density. Women usually suffer a lot because of alcohol intake. They would also have lower estrogen levels that can lead to Osteoporosis. Alcohol is harmful to the bone cells, and definitely, it impacts your overall health.

Heavy alcohol consumption leads you to alcohol addiction, and such patients should have to visit alcohol rehab centers. If you people are residents of Mississippi, you will come across rehab centers in Mississippi that offer the best physical and mental health well-being services and bring you back on the track for recovery.

Taking Salty Snacks

People who have high sodium intake often get caught in osteoporosis disease. High sodium triggers blood pressure issues, and the kidney excretes the sodium, calcium, which is drained from the bloodstream. Avoid consumption of salt as much as you can, and when it comes to snacks, don’t take these as well.

Increased Intake of Vitamin A

As per various searches, vitamin A increases the risk of bone fractures and people who eat regular liver, which is a rich source of vitamin A, are advised not to eat more than a week. Make sure you people are taking supplements containing retinol. If you are at risk of Osteoporosis, especially older, you are advised not to take retinol more than 1.5 mg per day, so eating less liver and liver products are recommended.

Poor Posture

Poor posture can affect bone health, and the main reason people suffer from bone issues is not having the right posture. We are used to leaning forward over phones, laptops, or desks at work because of poor posture. It would strain the muscles and can worsen osteoporosis conditions. All you need to do is sit up straight and tuck your chin by using neck muscles to align head over shoulders. Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat 8 times.

Lack Of Sleep

Well, lack of sleep can affect bone health? As per various studies, we have come across that lack of sleep causes a decrease in bone density and also affects bone repair as well. Go for natural sleep remedies such as aromatherapy of lavender essential oil which is proven to help sleep. Melatonin is the main hormone that controls the sleeping pattern. If you are unable to handle this still, go to the natural remedies or ask your doctor to suggest the best advice.


We all know how much smoking is bad for overall health, and it also affects the bones. Smoking increases the risk of fracture, and women who have issues less estrogen would have menopause issues. An increased bone loss would be much more than nonsmokers. People who quit smoking would have less risk of fracture and low bone mass.

Weight Loss

We appreciate this if you are trying to reach your healthy weight but losing so much weight can harm the bones. People who have a BMI less than 18.5 are at risk for Osteoporosis. Make sure you have discussed this thing with your doctor when you encounter such issues. Avoid doing and crash diet for weight loss because it would trigger so many other health issues.

Lack Of Sun Exposure

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, and people shouldn’t be worried about spending hours in the sun. The human body can produce 10,000 IU to 20,000 IU of vitamin D in just 200 minutes. If your skin is already exposed to sunlight regularly, this is not the best source for you. Take a sufficient amount of vitamin D supplements in the combination of calcium and magnesium for maintaining proper balance.

What to Eat to Prevent Osteoporosis?

Take Lots Of Veggies

Do you know veggies are great for bones? These are the best sources of vitamin C and may protect the bone cells from getting damaged. Veggies increase bone mineral density which is a sufficient amount of calcium and minerals effective for bones. Low bone mass and Osteoporosis are the main conditions for low bone density. A higher intake of green and yellow veggies are linked to increasing bone mineralization for maintaining bone mass.

Eat Calcium Foods Throughout The Day

Calcium is an essential mineral for bone health and it is found in veggies, and you can take multiple supplements. Take high calcium foods in every meal, and it’s best to get calcium from foods rather than supplements.

Avoid Low-Calorie Diets

We don’t want you to follow a low-calorie diet, which is not a good idea because it slows down metabolism, increases hunger and causes muscle mass loss. It can be harmful to bone health.

These are the lifestyle choices we need to change to prevent bone health issues. Here we have also adjusted a small portion of important dietary intake as well. Do follow this, and don’t forget to ask your doctor to prevent further health issues.