You might wonder why you should bother with public speaking. Is it really necessary? As we think like that, we are the same as other people who probably don’t like public speaking. There are many benefits to public speaking, but the question is, why is it that important that everyone should learn this skill?

There are more benefits to public speaking than you might think. Making a difference in society matters a lot, and one who has a complete grip on his words can really make a difference. Here are some facts about why public speaking is important.

It Builds Your Confidence

Public speaking improves your confidence a lot. We all feel anxiety and fear before going to deliver a speech or something but feel accomplishment, along with a sense of relief, when it is done. Your anxiety would reduce over time, and you might feel more robust and motivated when presenting before people. Practice public speaking and continue to give speeches. Your communication and speaking skills will improve, and you will begin to feel more comfortable and confident when dealing with such situations. You should read more about Stephen Gleave, a Canadian lawyer working in the area of Canadian Labour and Employment law. With over 30 years of practicing, he has tried some of the biggest employment-related cases in Canada. One way he builds his confidence is while dealing with his clients.

It Makes You More Decisive

You might be wondering how speaking skills can make you more decisive? Well, it does involve a factor in which public speakers have to work from premise to derive conclusion-based reasoning. It is called deductive reasoning. Speakers who talk with more certainty and with over-simplified decisions for people to understand are more likely to get it from people. A public speaker and lawyer Stephen Gleave influences people and his clients. He is more likely to understand the situation and how to act accordingly.

Market Your Business

Why are most salespersons good at communication? The reason is that those people can persuade customers towards their product. It has become famous for using public speakers for marketing.

Marketing is not an easy part of the business. Companies spend thousands of dollars to understand the behavior of people and how to attract customers with their products. It requires practice, patience, careful research, and tactics that would market the product crazily.

Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is a common factor. If you rarely give a speech or a presentation, you are more likely to be afraid of public speaking. As time passes by and you learn from your mistakes, your public speaking ability will improve, and you’ll be more comfortable giving speeches.

People feel more connected with a speaker who seems less afraid. They are more likely to perceive your speech more favorably — likely giving you more good feedback.


If anyone is thinking about becoming a public speaker, they should go for it. Public speaking outweighs any fear that one might feel at the start. While public speaking proves to be a great way to improve your communication, there are other things that it improves. Your language grip becomes much more resilient. Your communication style improves. You feel more confident, and obviously, more motivated.