Rugs serve largely as protection for horses from the elements. It is imperative that you give your horse the finest in terms of fit, comfort, and protection. Choosing the proper rug will aid in maintaining a healthy temperature range for your horse.

Rugs can be broken down into five distinct categories.

1. Turnout Rugs

Protect your horse from the elements by using a turnout rug, including the cold, rain, wind, and snow. Turnout rugs come in a wide range of protection and warmth, so it’s important to think about your horse’s living and grazing conditions, as well as its clipping regimen, weight, age, and amount of exercise, before making a purchase. Here is where you may see the Turnout Range.

2. Durable Carpets

Stable rugs are useful for clipped horses kept indoors because they keep the horse warm when it is unable to walk about and generate its own heat. Horses that spend most of their time indoors all year round might also benefit from stable rugs, but those can be much lighter in weight. Please visit this link to see the Stable Range.

3. Trellis carpets

In the warmer months, when horses spend more time outdoors grazing, mesh rugs will protect them from the irritating effects of flies and midges.

4. Bedding

Horses who are turned out in the sun should have their skin protected with a summer sheet. Cotton’s natural breathability helps your horse stay comfortable in the heat, and its anti-static properties keep his coat looking good.

Water Coolers

After exercise, when the horse’s body temperature has risen, it’s best to switch to a cooler rug. The use of a cooler rug will aid in temperature regulation and slow the rate at which the horse cools down.

Show sheet

A show sheet is a type of rug worn by a horse before a show or competition; it is used to keep the horse clean, protect the plaits, and cover the tail. We provide a cotton show sheet and a wool show sheet at this time. Show sheets made of cotton can be used year-round, while those made of wool are typically reserved for the colder months.

Canvas Mat

A canvas rug, which is a canvas material that is 60% cotton blend. These carpets are waterproof and are ideal for usage when the weather is milder, such as during the off-season. Due to the use of natural fibers in the exterior and wool in the inner, canvas rugs are exceptionally breathable.

Fleece Rugs

Horses can benefit from these cooler rugs, which are often fabricated from polar fleece material and worn prior to riding to keep the horse toasty. While a horse fleece rug is a great backup for when your horse has to stand around in the cold, it is not meant to be used in place of a turnout rug.

Durable Carpets

This style of rug is commonly used on stabled horses since it provides ample warmth without the need for additional layers. They often have a pliable, non-waterproof outside and a plush interior. The inability to roam freely in the stable prevents horses from producing as much body heat as they would in the paddock. Stable rugs are not waterproof and should not be worn in the paddock unless they are worn as a layer under a lighter turnout rug.

In conclusion,  horse rugs are important. They serve different purposes. Picking the right rug will help keep your horse at a comfortable temperature. There are essentially five types of rugs.