When you’re trying to sell your home, you might immediately start thinking about ways to upgrade your property to make it more attractive for potential home buyers. On the other hand, funds may be limited, so it’s also understandable to think about improvements that don’t cost quite as much as a new addition, revamped bathroom, or brand new kitchen appliances and cabinets.

One great way to grab some positive attention for a newly listed house is to upgrade your home’s exterior, especially it’s landscaping. People shopping for a new home often drive through neighborhoods they like in search of “for sale” signs in front of properties that appeal to them, so improving your home’s curb appeal is a great way to make a strong first impression.

Here are four low-cost ways you can upgrade your home’s landscaping so that it sells quickly—and, as a bonus, they don’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg.

1. Power Wash Your Exterior

Yes, this technically isn’t a landscaping tip, but it does dramatically impact the looks of your home. Think of your home’s exterior surfaces as the gallery wall surrounding a gorgeous painting. If that background is grimy and dingy, the painting suffers as well. A solid power wash will help you clean off years of accumulated grime and provide a pristine backdrop for the landscaping work you’re about to do.

2. Change Out Your Mulch

If your exterior is like that of many homeowners, the mulch might be looking a bit thin and bleached out. That’s especially true if you haven’t done it in a while. Choose a mulch from your local home and garden center with a deep rich brown color, and spread it well. If cost is a factor, choose the better-looking mulch and place it only in visible spots in lieu of spreading pine straw more thickly. Pine straw will save you money but it doesn’t look as lush and attractive as good mulch.

3. Remove Trampolines and Sports Equipment

Some of your potential home buyers will undoubtedly be parents of young children—but many won’t be. And even those who are might have a negative reaction to any kind of clutter outside. That’s why many home experts suggest removing basketball hoops, trampolines and other play equipment that take up space unnecessarily. The one exception is a playset with swings and a slide. These are usually too complicated to remove and store, so you can instead aim to clean them up, trim any adjacent weeds, and fill in mulching as needed.

4. Pay Attention to the Ground

Don’t forget the lower part of a shopper’s eye line. They’ll be looking at the house, yes, but also at the ground. Give them a riot of color with a plethora of planted flowers, if possible. Also, consider trimming back your trees and bushes around the home’s exterior. This will help keep them healthy and looking their best in all seasons. Cutting back overhanging or overgrown limbs will also make your entire home seem brighter and cleaner to potential home buyers passing by or through.