Either you’re a business leader or just casually leading a band, one needs to develop leadership skills to grow one’s character. A good leader is a person who motivates people around them and leads their team in the right direction. A good team is defined as a group of people working hard and dedicated to a common objective. A good leader must make sure that the team is moving in the right direction.

Moving everyone together and keeping track of all the progress is a skill anyone can develop. It comes from experience. You can’t do it as a good leader overnight; you need to learn and apply new tactics to your team and analyze the performance results. A good leader is not only a person who gives commands and shouts at employees. It’s the person who motivates and serves as a role model for everyone. Here are three quick tips to make a good leader.

● Dedicate Your Time

If you are a leader, your time is one of the most valuable sources for your team. Most people don’t understand this and take leadership as a hobby or some part-time job. You need to be dedicated and give proper time to your team to make it a good leader.

One of the prominent traits of a good leader like Kelly Sills is that they always dedicate proper time to their teams. If you’re preoccupied with your tasks, you can’t focus on your team’s progress at all. You need to be visible to your team and serve as a great model. You need to be available at the moment if things start getting out of control.

● Grant Freedom To Your Team

Always grant freedom to the group you’re leading. Giving mental freedom is one of the significant differences between a boss and a leader. A boss never leaves his employees alone and never grants freedom mentally as well as work-wise. You need to step aside and let your employees do the work according to their qualities, mindset, and stamina. You shouldn’t be controlling your team like they are some robots or slaves working for you. It would be best if you function like a captain to your group of employees. A good captain never shouts at the team but works with them to solve the problem.

● Lead By Example

All of the great leaders across the globe like Kelly Sills, always tend to lead by example. They never assign their employees a task they can’t do themselves. Instead, they show their employees, best path to perform the task. It would be best if you showed your team how it’s done. You should always lead by example and be open, honest, and passionate to make you a good leader.


A good leader motivates their team and forms a productive environment for the work. By following these three tips, you can efficiently lead a group of people. These tips have been gathered by observing and analyzing great leaders across the globe.