With millions of websites come fewer domain name choices for new business owners and big companies alike. In many cases, business owners mistake picking a domain name that doesn’t fit their business, leading to unsatisfactory results.

Therefore businesses that know what they want and have found it available must register domain names as soon as possible. This article will discuss some of the most common mistakes new businesses make when choosing a domain name.

Being too similar with the competition. Selecting a domain name that’s too close to another company may seem like a benefit as you may be able to ride their tide of consumers. Still, those consumers may not be looking at your product or services. What’s worse, doing this will make your business appear like a “knock-off” of the original. It may also lead to legal hassles.

Settling for what’s available. If you’re looking to use a specific name but have already taken in both .com and .net,consider choosing another name. Businesses that choose or settle for other suffices are generally forgotten easily.

Not making it easy to pronounce. Some company names are their domain names as well, like Amazon.com. While this doesn’t need to be the same in your situation, you still need aneasy name for people to remember and relay to others.

Being generic. The philosophy that people looking for a plumber or a shoe site will first try plumber.com or shoe.com is now obsolete, thanks to generic websites being taken up years ago. While it’s not a mistake, it is not always beneficial to spend a fortune to use a generic domain name.

Weird spelling. Being too creative with your domain name may not be favorable. Odd spellings can mean disaster. Companies can also thrive while using their unique spelling. However, it would help if you also considered owninga domain name that sounds like your brand. If you can’t register all similar spellings, then consider not using an odd spelling.

Not doing enough research. Besides accomplishing the usual research, many business owners don’t check out misspelled domains to see where it goes or if the variation is available. Many business owners have lost customers to their competition as a variation to their site name gets redirected to another site – some are even redirected to inappropriate webpages.

Choosing a name out of desperation.  We understand that it’s difficult to get that one special unregistered domain name. However, settling for just anything that remotely resembles your preferred name can lead to trouble.Don’t do it. Step out a bit, take a breather and consider other options.

Some startups and even veteran entrepreneurs hold off getting their domain name thinking that it will still be available in the future – only to get stuck with an disappointing domain name because nothing close to their business name is available.

While older companies simply had no choice, you’ll have a harder time securing a proper domain name that ticks off all your check boxes if you are starting a business. When choosing the business name, start by researching your domain name simultaneously and then directly register the domain name if it’s available. This way, you can add your domain name to all your col laterals from the start and have solid branding for your business.