Many people spend a lot of their time at the airport. The late-night, early morning, and some extended layovers are beyond the control of passengers. You may have seen people on rocking chairs, floors, recliners, and twisting in the seats that are uncomfortable.

It would be good to get a shower, wifi that works well, peaceful sleep, a hot meal, power ports that are easily accessible, and a quiet spot to complete your work. All these facilities are available in airport lounges. Similar to Dubai Airport Lounge.  People cross their fingers to let them into these lounges.

All of you have friends who sometimes use airport lounges. They have all the information about those lounges. The conversation topics among well-traveled passengers are the improved wifi, shower, alcohol, good food, and quiet spaces.

Passengers sit and wonder how people get into these lounges. You may have also spent time listening to the nonsensical chatter of people in the morning. Airport lounges are the best option for you no matter how much time you have to wait for your flight.

Select the airport lounge for you whenever you have a layover. The exclusive spaces offer you drinks, complimentary Wi-Fi, and much more to enjoy and spend a relaxing time. You may love to get the chance to take shower during a long-haul flight especially if you travel overnight.

It is similar to a solid escape from the boarding areas that are crowded with people waiting for a flight. The average fee of an airport lounge is $40 to $50 per visit. Some lounges charge you $25 only. You can also access a business or first-class ticket which provides you lounge access.

Don’t waste the budget of your travel to enjoy the perk. Always try to manage your budget first. There are some clever sources that help to beat the waltz in and system for free.

Tips To Get Free Airport Lounge Access

Check If You Have A Credit Card

If you have a credit card for travel, it provides you lounge access. It can also give you a discount on the rate. You should know about your program well because it’s very embarrassing to walk into a lounge confidently just to be turned away from it.

Be in the lounge and enjoy all the facilities. You may still have to pay some charges even if you have a credit card so be prepared for any kind of scenario.

Show Your Military ID

If you have an active duty ID of the military then you may get access to different airport lounges through this ID. Airlines give the advantage of lounge access to active military members. The requirements of airlines are different.

Some airlines may demand only a card from you while others may require you to be in your military uniform. Search for information about the lounges before your travel so you can learn about the basic rules to get easy access to those lounges.

Check Airline Status

It may be the easiest way for you to get a place in the airport lounge if you are a frequent flyer. Don’t rule out the lounge access possibility if you have not yet reached the highest tier. The rules are different for international flights.

You Should Be A Plus One

It may seem obvious but try to find a friend who has a guest pass. Don’t hesitate to ask because the worst reply can be no. It means that you do not have lounge access but some loyal members of the airline can help you. 

Some people let multiple people in easily with their allotted guest amount. You may also get entry in the lounge with your squad.

Get A First Class Ticket That Is Refundable

People sometimes buy tickets for first class and business class. They think that they will cancel the tickets after getting lounge access. It works only if you are able to get a refundable fare. Some airlines like Kenya Airways provide you a flexible ticket.

This ticket offers you a complete refund for a higher fee. Some airlines do not charge you a penalty of cancellation after knowing about your high status.

You should know about all the resources that you can utilize to get free lounge access. It helps you to save your budget and to get a comfortable space during a layover at the airport.