Dubai desert safari is famous as a highlight of tourism in Dubai. It is the best way to experience life in the alluring desert of Dubai. Arabs used to live in this desert before their move on towards a new Dubai. You can say that it is an integral and important part of the traditions and culture of Dubai.

Visiting the desert is a great way of enjoying Arab life. If you are going for the first time to a desert safari tour then you should have knowledge about few important things so you can enjoy the tour to the fullest. Do many adventure activities till the sun is in the alluring sky.

The desert camp is decorated in beautiful Bedouin style. Go to this camp when the sun sets. Many entertainment activities take place when evening turns into a marvelous night. Enjoy these activities to the fullest and try henna tattoos on your hands, arms, and feet.

Dress up like Arabs and click astonishing pictures. Be friendly with the hawk. Some tours of desert safari organize hawk shows for the purpose of entertainment. Deserts offer you so many wonderful activities to do to rush your adrenaline. Enjoy the graceful performances of belly and Tanura dances.

Dubai is more than just a spectacular place to visit having excellent lifestyle amenities. Desert safari tours of Dubai are electrifying and a valid reason to appeal to the tourists in this region. Following are some interesting facts that you should know about the desert safari in Dubai.

Indulge Yourself In Dune Bashing

Do you know about the most thrilling activity of the desert safari? It is a red dune safari. Adventure enthusiasts love to do this interesting activity. Sit in a beautiful Land Cruiser and enjoy looking down from a great height of a thousand feet. Dune bashing is full of adventure.

You will get the opportunity to ride over dunes that are inclined. Explore the spellbound landscape of the desert. Dune bashing is much more than just a roller-coaster ride. It’s undoubtedly an adrenaline-pumping activity. We suggest you to try this activity if you are an adventure lover.

Enjoy ATV Quad Bike Ride

Do you want to know about extreme adventures? If yes then be ready to catch up on these adventures in the desert safari. ATV quad biking is an amazing activity that is full of exciting adventures. Many operators offer this activity with complete instructions and guidance.

Discover the endless and appealing beauty of the desert on a quad bike for 30 minutes. It’s an exciting experience to make your desert safari tour more thrilling. The true adventure spirit will be spiced up when sand grains strike your face during quad biking.

Out-And-Out Experience Of Sandboarding

Many tourists book the deals of desert safari to enjoy this amazing and adventurous activity in Dubai. Tourists test their sliding skills on the alluring red dunes. That’s the reason why tourists love the activity of sand skiing. This activity is not very tough.

No need to worry even if you fall down on dunes. These dunes are soft and powdery so you will not get any injury or severe damage. We suggest you try sandboarding to take your desert safari experience to a next level.

Cheerful Camel Ride

Camel ride completes your tour of desert safari. Go to the campsite if you want to take the ride. Gigantic camel species are lovely and very friendly with human beings. Sit on the camels and discover the landscape of the desert which is appealing and dramatic.

You can also click pictures with Arabian eagles. It makes your trip more memorable and wonderful.

Experience Bedouin Lifestyle

Go to the campsite if you want to experience an amazing bedouin lifestyle. We suggest you to not miss the Arabian cuisine. Enjoy the Arabian cuisine and astonishing dance performances in the area of the campsite. 

Overnight Experience Of Safari

Spending a night in a traditional Bedouin camp is the most appealing feature of the tour of desert safari in Dubai. Explore alluring creatures in the area of the desert. Enjoy a beautiful night away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life of the city.


Food is a popular highlight of the desert safaris in Dubai, You can Order BBQ dinner that is delicious. Taste different dishes that are a good combination of Arabic and continental dishes. 

Try tandoor dishes, kebabs, hummus, and various rotis. Don’t worry about the food if you are vegetarian. Delicious vegetarian food is also available in the desert. Taste the Arabic coffee that is luscious.