For a website to be available online, it needs to be stored on a web server. Since buying and maintaining a server is costly, most site owners opt for web hosting services. A hosting company has multiple web servers and allows site owners to store their websites on them for a small fee.

These hosting companies also sell Reseller Web Hosting accounts through which anyone can buy hosting resources as a reseller, create hosting plans, and sell them to websites. Hosting Resellers can function like a hosting company with the difference being that they don’ have to own or manage the infrastructure needed for it.

Over the years, Reseller Hosting in India has evolved as a profitable business venture with minimal investment. If you have been thinking of establishing the best Reseller Web Hosting business and are looking for a cheap Reseller Hosting plan, then please read this article before you decide.

As a Hosting Reseller, since you are purchasing resources and reselling them, the cost of the reseller account plays an important role in the profitability of your business. However, we urge you to not get carried away by cheap reseller plans but focus on cost-efficiency and look for a reliable Reseller Hosting provider instead.

Here are some reasons you should avoid cheap Reseller Hosting providers.

1: Server Maintenance not up to the mark

If a hosting company is offering a cheap reseller plan, then it needs to make adjustments somewhere to manage its costs. One of the costliest and most important roles played by a hosting company is the maintenance of the webserver. When you opt for a cheap reseller plan, the company might pull back on the server support and maintenance costs. This could lead to performance issues and you might end up having irate clients and/or a bad brand reputation.

2: More Regular Downtimes

There is no excuse for a website that faces frequent downtimes. Online users have little-to-no tolerance for such sites and tend to abandon them in favour of their competitors. To be a successful Hosting Reseller, you need to ensure that your packages offer a minimum uptime guarantee. And, you can do that only if the hosting company offers the guarantee to you. With cheap reseller plans, this can be difficult since ensuring uptime involves costs too.

3: Inadequate Technical Support

No web hosting service is worth anything if it does not offer a strong support team available around the clock. This is another place where cheap reseller provides cut corners to save costs. Usually, they tend to offer technical support only during business hours and leave client servicing to you after that. This can be dangerous especially if you are not technically savvy.

You can also check out the following video that explains the cons of a cheap Reseller Hosting plan

Summing Up

As a Hosting Reseller, it is important to remember that websites need security, speed, reliability, and support from the hosting provider. They don’t bother about the fact that the provider is a company or reseller. If their needs are met, then they will be your clients for life.

When you opt for a cheap reseller plan, you risk all the effort you have taken in building your business for a few rupees. This should be avoided. Always buy reseller plans that offer resources that allow you to create competitive packages and help your clients offer unparalleled site experience to their visitors. Focus on cost-efficiency and avoid opting for the cheapest one. Good Luck!