Ever wondering where you can find a hookah spot in the UK, but never quite finding one? In this blog article, we take you on a tour of the UK and show you the best places to find alpha hookah shops in the uk.

Why Do We Need Alpha Hookah Shops?

Alpha Hookah is a type of water pipe that has been around for centuries and is now becoming more popular in the UK. What is Alpha Hookah? Alpha Hookah is a type of water pipe that has a hose with two joints that go up and down. It is similar to a traditional hookah, but it uses a water bottle instead of coal to heat the tobacco. This makes it easier to use and less messy. There are many benefits to using an Alpha Hookah, including:

-No Tobacco Smoke In Your House: One of the main benefits of using an Alpha Hookah is that there is no tobacco smoke in your house. With traditional hookahs, you will get tobacco smoke and ash all over your house. With an Alpha Hookah, all the smoke goes into the water pipe, so there is no mess.

-How Much Nicotine Is In An Alpha Hookah?: Most Alpha Hookahs come with different nicotine levels. Some have low nicotine levels, while others have high nicotine levels. This allows you to customise your experience based on how much nicotine you want.

Types of Hookah in the UK

Alpha Hookah has a wide variety of hookahs to choose from, with each model designed for a specific purpose. Whether you’re looking for a traditional hookah for socialising or something more specialised, we’ve got you covered.

We offer both .5 and 1.0mm shisha tobacco, giving you the ability to tailor your smoking experience to your own personal preferences. Plus, if you’re looking to step up your game and try out some new flavours, our team can recommend some of the UK’s best Alpha Hookah shops.

So where to start? Scroll down to find our top picks for the best Alpha Hookah shops in the UK!

Where to find Alpha Hookah shops in the UK

Looking for an Alpha hookah shop in the UK? Here are six to check out!

1. Oriental Smoke Shop – Located in London, Oriental Smoke Shop is a popular stop for Alpha hookah smokers. They carry a wide range of Alpha hookahs and accessories, as well as offering helpful advice on how to smoke them.

2. Hookah Palace – Found in Glasgow, Hookah Palace is another popular alpha hookah shop. They offer a wide range of Alpha hookahs, including both standard and deluxe options, as well as flavours like mint, lavender, and honeydew melon. Plus, they have a ton of accessories available, from coasters to pipes.

3. The Platinum Smoke Shop – Based in Manchester, The Platinum Smoke Shop is another popular alpha hookah shop. They carry a wide range of Alpha hookahs and flavours, as well as offering helpful advice on how to smoke them. Plus, they offer monthly smoker events where you can meet other Alpha hookah smokers and discuss all things smoking related.

4. Cafe Shisha – Located in Birmingham, Cafe Shisha is one of the few alpha hookah shops that also sells fruit flavoured shisha.


If you’re looking for an exotic place to enjoy some quality hookah, look no further than the UK. Here are five UK alpha hookah shops that will have you feeling like a true Hazara!