Planning to study Masters and couldn’t decide where to go? Well, Canada could be the best option for you to go for your Master’s degree. Every year, thousands of international students, including from Nepal, travel to Canada to join Master’s programs and the number is still increasing. Looking at these figures, you can imagine how popular Canada is among international students. But how come Canada has become a dream destination for students and why do they want to study in Canada? Well, here we will discuss the top 7 reasons why students want to study in Canada from Nepal.

1.  Top-Class Universities

Considered as the third-best country for education, Canada is full of world-class universities. According to QS World University Rankings 2021, there are seven Best universities in Canada that rank in the top 200 universities in the world and all of those universities offer high-quality Masters programs in Canada. The University of Toronto, McGill University and University of British Columbia, which are the top three Canadian universities, rank #25, #31 and #45 in the QS World University Rankings respectively.

2.  Specialized Masters Programs

Universities in Canada offer Masters in a variety of study fields such as medicine, nursing, engineering IT, finance, business administration, management, architecture, design and many more. Below are listed some specialized courses popular among Nepalese students in Canada.


    Master in Human Resource Management

●     Master in Supply Chain Management

●     Master in Engineering Management

●     Master in Information Technology

●     Master in International Business

●     Master in Health Administration

●     Master in Applied Economics

●     Master in Entrepreneurship

●     Master in Public Health

●     Master in Marketing

●     Master in Finance

3.  Affordable Masters Program

Another benefit of studying Masters in Canada is that almost all Canadian universities offer Mastersprogram at a very affordable cost. Among all the English-speaking countries in the world, Canada is the cheapest when it comes to tuition fees. Whether you choose Bachelors or Masters, to Study in Canada cost very low for international students. The tuition fees for a Masters program in Canada range from CAD 30,000 to CAD 55,000.

4.  Globally Recognized Masters Degrees

A Masters degree from a university in Canada acts as a mark of trust and excellence. It is a globally recognized degree and it opens doors for multiple career opportunities for international students to work all around the world.

5.  Funding and Scholarship Options

The government, private organizations and universities of Canada offer its deserving international students 70% more funds and scholarships to study in Canada than in the United States. Some universities in Canada offer a full scholarship while some offer partial scholarships to cut down the educational expenses of students.

6.  Work While Studying

Choosing Canada could be the best option for your Masters because you can do part-time jobs in Canada while still studying. In addition to getting valuable work experiences, this will help you reduce your educational expenses and cost of living. Below are some common part-time jobs you can do in Canada.

Rideshare Drivers: $30 to $50 per hour

Translation Jobs: $15 to $40 per hour

Writers: $30 to $70 per hour

Waiters: $15 to $25 per hour

7.  Immigration Opportunities

Immigration possibilities in Canada are much higher than in other countries. After completing graduation, international students can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit to work in Canada. After working for three years, they can apply for Canadian citizenship to be its permanent resident.

Looking at all these benefits who would not want to study abroad in Canada. If you are among those who want to study Masters in Canada but don’t know how to study in Canada then you must connect with Goreto Educational Consultancy. The Goreto Consultancy team will guide you and help you to join a Masters program in the best university for you