An enormous wall painting of brown and dim shaded horses is more amazing, positive, and appealing as per the Vastu Shastra. To discover a gift that is engaging and simultaneously time on our desires in most ideal is definitely not a simple task. Here are some ideal gifting thoughts for your friends and family that will fill their hearts with joy significant.

Horses, in Vaastu painting, address achievement and power. A Seven Horses Painting in your office guarantees advancement in the work, accomplishment in your business and financial security in your life while it is accepted that seven horse painting in your home or office guarantees financial solidness in your life. The direction and position of the seven horses painting are vital. While hanging the seven horses painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s home for example the horses ought to be moving into your home. It ought to be held tight the South or East East of your home or office. Horses running forward imply that you can work together with no trouble. At the point when shown in the home or office, it’s anything but a victory, triumph, strength, and achievement.  Colors, number of horses, and direction are vital when horse painting is utilized for home stylistic layout or Vastu Shastra corrections. 

What Precaution needs to take for horse painting?

Try not to have a picture or logo of the sun in the horse painting, whenever put on the south or north wall.


Always place ponies in odd numbers. 


Keep away horses in with a sad pose. It doesn’t produce any positive energy. 


Cease from showing incomplete ponies in the home or office 


Keep away the water body in the horse painting. 


Keep away horses pictures in the principal bedroom.

The pair of Radha Krishna painting is viewed as an optimal pair. The legendary story of Radha and Krishna is regularly cited as a symbolic tale about the power of affection and dedication. There are plenty of Indian stories, bhajans, and melodies glorifying the adoration for Radha Krishna. 

According to Vastu, it is ideal to show artwork or figure of Radha Krishna in the southwest direction of your home or office. This direction controls every one of the relationships of the residents. Putting a Radha Krishna painting in South West is known to make an aura of love and peace in the house. This is particularly valid for couples who are in a grieved relationship. Putting a Radha Krishna painting or sculpture can absolutely make a change in perspective in their thoughts and feelings towards one another. This will at last prompt better agreement and shared love among them.

 The artwork resembles music in our air makes our life amazingly blissful and it’s anything but an enormous effect on our feeling. Motivational paintings are found in work environments to persuade and urge representatives to keep being more useful. Numerous advanced workplaces are currently expanding employments of art just as floral painting according to Vastu Shastra in their cabins, meeting rooms, and workstations.