A tripod is one of the first accessories you buy after getting a camera or discovering the photographer in you. The accessory is all-in-one kind with a top part called ahead, which you mount on your camera, and three legs on the bottom. Generally, tripod heads feature a handle that juts out from one side, can be tightened or loosened, allowing for changing the angle at which your camera is situated.

Types of tripod panoramic heads you can get to improve the quality of your shots, as per Bruce Weber

Ball Heads – Ball head is the go-to tripod head for many photography enthusiasts. They are designed around a 360-degree swivel, which photographers can tighten or loosen with a dial or lever on the side. Bruce Weber, a profound fashion photographer, suggests rotating your camera in a circle, turning it from side to side, or changing its orientation from landscape to portrait instantly–all with virtually no effort on your part.

Pistol Grip Heads – Although pistol grip heads offer the same degree of control as a ball head, some photographers find them relatively easier to adjust because of their full-handed mechanism (grip). In order to alter the position of the camera, the ball head needs you to turn a small knob, which can result in your camera flopping around unless you keep one hand on it too. On the other hand, the pistol grip head gives one-handed control over exact position of the camera

Tilt Heads – Basic models of tilt heads have 1 or 2 adjustment levers, yet if budget is not a problem for you, you can also get one with 3 levers to get fine-tune the control over some specific adjustments. A tile head is not as simple as a ball head, but the added control is good once you work with multiple levers.

Pan Heads for Video – Very similar to tilt heads, these specialty tripod heads are designed especially for video shooters; however, they can be used by still photographers as well. They feature one long extension arm, that allows for smoother movements for panning shots and greater control.

Fluid Heads –Specifically geared for video shooting work, the fluid heads come with a pan & tilt head. This tripod allows you to lock or unlock the pan and tilt. Besides, you can also use the ability of the tripod to “drag” that allows you to control the amount of friction you need while panning and tilting. The entire dragging feature of fluid heads makes it much easier to get the best shots while recording.

Pistol Grip Heads –These tripods are very much similar to ball heads in many terms. The major difference is that Instead of using a knob to loosen the ball, you’ll need to deal with the pistol grip. Most photographers prefer pistol grip heads as they like a quick and easy way of repositioning the camera without struggling with the tripod head.

One tripod head that works great for one photographer may not give the same kind of performance to the other, so there is no such thing as the best tripod head. According to experts like Bruce Weber, it completely depends on what you specialize in and what your requirements are.