CBD is an extraction from a cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound called THC, and hence it is legal in many countries. CBD Oil is gaining popularity in recent days but most of the people haven’t tried it out yet.

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Here are some reasons that can make even the beginners to start with the CBD daily intake at required dosages.

Relieves pain

CBD has been used as a pain reliever for the past 5000 years. Pain is inevitable to everyone whether it’s chronic or acute. Inflammation is the main cause of pain in our body. CBD reduces inflammation by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. It is used to treat arthritis, pain due to inflammation, and multiple sclerosis. It has several pain releasing effects.

Reduces depression

CBD is used as a drug to treat depression. Most of the drugs have side effects such as drowsiness, lack of energy, and chronic migraine. But CBD doesn’t cause any side effects and hence it is considered as a great antidepressant. It also helps in treating insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD.

Reduces acne

CBD Oil can be used to treat acne in teenagers due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to reduce the production of sebum which is responsible for the growth of acne in adults as well as teenagers. It helps you to fight against eczema and acts as an anti-aging.

Helps to treat epilepsy

Most of the kids are suffering from epilepsy nowadays. Some kids get around 30-40 seizures per day. CBD Oil helps to reduce the number of seizures. It is found that about 5% of the patients become free from seizures.

Helps in digestion process

It is important to keep up our gut health. Adding CBD to the food we eat results in sustainable benefits. Common digestive diseases are vomiting and nausea which can be reduced by 49% once we start using CBD.

Ways to consume CBD

CBD products are available in different forms. It’s better to use only one type of product to get the maximum benefit out of it in the long run. If you switch between the products, then you will not have an idea how the particular product works for you.

The dosage of CBD for the first timers is 1 milligram per day to see how their body reacts. They can increase the daily intake up to 6mgs if there are no side effects from the CBD usage. However, it is suggested to increase the dosage gradually such as a gram per 3 days or so.

Take CBD ten minutes before going to bed as it doesn’t take much time to show its effect. Do not rely on the suggestions regarding the CBD dosages from your friends or the family members, because the effect can vary from one person to another. Try first-handed and decide wisely.