There are a whole range of qualities that, when combined, contribute to a student’s overall success. These traits range from academic achievement to participation in extracurricular activities, from humility to intelligence. Your routine, your choices, and even your personality play an important role in how successful you’re in school, whether you’re a high school student or a university student. Moreover, they’ve an impact on your future or your work.

The fact is that we all want to be successful. Everyone has the same goal in mind: to get the highest possible score on a test and to excel in their extracurricular activities. But what exactly is it that brings about the desired success? To clarify, success doesn’t require being someone who’s extraordinary talents. To be successful in life, you need to put a few basic strategies into practise. So in this blog, you’ll find an overview of the top ten keys to academic success. Let’s start.

1. Always try your hardest

There’s a 99.9% correlation between effort and success. You’ve to make an effort to achieve your dreams. Even if a person is born with a talent but never uses it, they’ll lose that talent over time. A person who’s no natural talent but puts in a lot of effort to acquire certain skills will become an expert in those talents over time. Since there are no shortcuts to achieve anything, painstaking work is necessary. Work ethic is a common characteristic of successful people all over the world, and successful students are no exception to this rule.

2. Always be consistent

Imagine you’re attending a conference where one of the speakers is a motivational speaker. When you hear about the successes of others, it spurs you on to try even harder to achieve your goals. You start trying hard for a few weeks or months, and then you gradually slacken off. That’s why only some ambitious people achieve their goals. Most people in the masses become disorganised in their movements and don’t progress. Still, it would be helpful if you don’t waver in your commitment to your cause, regardless of your challenges.

3. Be responsible

Find out how you can cultivate a sense of responsibility for essential things. Don’t wait for your instructor to provide you with the syllabus, lesson plan and notes; do it yourself! Make sure you join a club before you’ve the approval of your classmates. Don’t hand in your assignments until the very last minute. Also take responsibility for the time you’ve for yourself.

4. Prioritise your studies

Make sure you don’t lose touch with your studies. Remember that you’ll only be able to memorise part of the material in the week before the exam. It would help if you never downplay the importance of exams in class. Do your homework and hand in all class work within the time allowed. Make sure that you give full attention to the chapter material covered in class every day and study it thoroughly. This is the most effective way to reduce stress and prevent the accumulation of tension.

5. Being able to maintain order

Success can be attributed to your organisational skills. It’s in your best interest to nurture this skill early in life, as it’ll benefit you in the long run. First, you should write down a plan and then create a schedule for the tasks that need to be done. If you organise yourself, you’ll be able to keep track of the things you do and manage your time better.

6. Focus your attention on only one task at a time

The concept of multitasking is tempting, but in practise it takes more than that to get anything done. The level of efficiency decreases when you switch from one task to another. As a result, you eventually reach a point where you’re completely drained and can no longer produce fruitful results. The transition from one subject to another is different from all other transitions. When you multitask, you waste time whether you’re reading a chapter or working on your assignments. It also reduces efficiency.

7. Put everything up for discussion

Have you found that maths is much more challenging than you expected? Or have you spent a lot of time trying to understand a theory? The fact that you need help from your mentors shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. Asking for help or questioning something shows your natural curiosity, your interest in the subject, your determination to overcome your uncertainties, and your desire to get additional information about the topic.

8. Make a plan for your work

Make a timetable and make sure you stick to it as closely as possible. Find out when you can work or concentrate best, e.g. in the morning or after dinner, and then make a schedule that takes this into account. Determine the times of day when you’re most likely to be productive. Once you’ve decided, go ahead and be consistent. Your organisational skills will increase and you’ll remain disciplined.

9. Keep your workspace in good condition

Make sure your workspace is free from potential distractions. Put your mobile phone away when you want to concentrate on your studies. When you’re working on your assignments, make sure your things are just scattered on the table. Keep the room tidy and clean. Make sure there’s always a conducive environment for studying. You can put your mobile phone on aeroplane mode to avoid unnecessary distractions.

10. Focus on your studies and don’t get distracted

This is directly related to tip number nine: Make sure you don’t study with the TV turned up relatively loud. When you study, don’t lie down. Make sure you maintain a calm and relaxed posture when sitting at your study desk. Refrain from using social media, especially if you’re using a laptop or mobile phone.

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