Styling your outfit with the perfect jewellery can make or break your case. It is one of the most important things that you can do to grab all the attention at events and receive all the compliments. To have all eyes on you, you must be confident about your jewellery choice. To find out how to do that, make sure you read the whole piece.

Turn heads by choosing the best jewellery that matches your outfit. Jewellery is crucial to finish your whole look. Perfectly picked jewellery can complete the outfit by complementing the style and the color of your outfit.

But if you end up choosing the wrong jewellery, then it can absolutely ruin your look that was otherwise supposed to be beautiful. Jewellery can amp up the formality of any outfit, bring interest as well as focal points to a simple or plain outfit, or just simply add a pop of shine and color to an outfit that might otherwise have been considered boring.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best earring for your outfit.

Choose earrings based on the face shape

Picking out the best earrings for women can be a bit stressful. You must consider the face of your shape while buying a pair of earrings. The shape of your face will help you determine how flattering your face looks after wearing the earrings. Here are a few examples that can guide you

In case you have a tapered chin and wide forehead, which is considered the inverted triangle face shape, you can opt for teardrop style or chandelier style earrings. Even people with heart-shaped faces can opt for this style of earrings.

People who have an oval face shape can basically wear all types of earrings. But a small stud or a triangular earring will look flattering on the face shape.

Individuals with wide chins, which are referred to as square-shaped faces, should try softening their features by wearing hoops or oval drop-style earrings. They should say no to any sort of rectangular or square earrings.

Consider the event and the venue

Dressing up too much or dressing down is not an option. For every event, there is a perfect outfit, and if you want the perfect get-up to be yours, then accessorize.

Accessorizing based on the event as well as the venue can be a game-changer. You can wear a simple dress, but accessorize it and make it look Met Gala ready if you play your cards right. Wearing statement earrings will help you be comfortable and, at the same time, be the life of the party.

Style your earring according to your personality

It is important to keep the dress code in mind, though. You can’t go to a formal event and wear a corduroy skirt. But you can play a little with your earrings. As long as you feel confident enough to wear them in front of hundreds of people, you don’t have to change them for anyone. You do you!