Did you know that human beings are naturally problem-solvers and builders? And, that is the reason why Lego stes for sale in Dubaicontinues to offer the best Lego toys for various age groups. These games help to boost analytic, sharpen motor skills as well as hone creative thinking. Yet, the best Lego toys are those created to solve as a group, making Lego Friends the go-to set when searching for new toys.

If you’re looking to host your child’s friends for a sleepover or even a play date, Lego Friends will do the trick for you. The games will keep everyone busy and engage all their mind. Even though these sets are mainly for girls, the Lego Friends sets are equally involving and fun for boys. That is because they are fun for everyone to build, colorful, and ordinary.

Some of the top ideal Lego Friends sets for 2021 include:

1. Lego Friends HeartLake City Organic Café

If you are looking for a creative birthday or special occasion gift for a kid who loves the planet, the Lego Friends HeartLake City Organic Café should be your top priority. The set will keep them engaged and entertained for hours.

The toy helps your kid mimic whipping up tasty creations in their toy kitchen and allows them to imagine growing the cooking ingredients right from the café’s garden. Any environmental-conscious kid will enjoy helping LEGO friends sort the waste at the recycling section. And enjoy sharing drinks in an emission-free way.

2. Lego Friends Andrea’s Family House

If you want to get your child a gift with real impact, Lego Friends Andrea’s Family House is the answer. The set comes with solar panels on the roof, rooms to explore, a heart-shaped pool, as well as a garage studio where they can put up a show. Your child can spend time making cupcakes in the beautiful kitchen accessories or Andrea’s bedroom. It also comes with five mini-dolls, meaning that your child will enjoy quality “family time.”

3. Lego Friends Mountain Jungle Rescue

The set is perfect for kids who love adventure and rescue play. The set allows your kid to spend hours indulging in creativity as they enjoy playing heroic scenes that come with the building kit.

The set will allow your child to explore mountain caves and natural treasures. And if they prefer hanging out with friends, they can do so in the toy cabin. The set comes with an animal rescue kit, research accessories, and food elements.

With the set, your kids enjoy the thrill of taking up superhero missions and saving the day. And also enhance their building experience.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to gift your child with a relatable, memorable, and exciting gift, Lego Friends should do it for you! The games are a suitable way of allowing your child to explore their passions, as well as embarking on a fun mission. Also, your kid gets to enjoy friendship in characters who are almost like them.