Horse owners understand the importance of rugs. Rugging up keeps your horse warm, safe, dry, and comfortable any time of the year. But you must understand that there are different horse rugs suitable for various seasons and purposes. You’ll find many options in the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose what’s best for your horse. If you know what to look for, narrowing it down is easy.

Why You Need to Rug Up

Horse riding is a great experience that brings significant happiness. However, for this experience to remain constant, you must invest time and money to make it happen. There are hundreds of accessories meant for your horse’s comfort, like a horse turnout rug, for different purposes. Here’s why you need to rug up.

  • Provide your horse with extra protection from cold, rain, bugs, or insects.
  • Get a comfortable fit that’s easy to adjust
  • Go for fabrics that are easy to maintain.
  • Opt for rugs that are ideal for all seasons.

Horse Rug Materials to Check Out

Before purchasing the Weatherbeeta fly sheet, check the material to ensure it’s suitable for your horse and purpose. One of the terms to look out for is breathability. It means the rug has a lining at the bottom to allow fresh air circulation to dry up sweat. Other qualities are waterproof for use during rainy days to keep your horse dry always.


Ripstop is a reinforcement on thicker rugs. They’re woven in a crosshatch pattern, making them last longer. In case of damage, the ripstop stops the split from extending and damaging the rug.


Polyfill is a lining that insulates horse rugs from the underside. It’s the same as the poly-fiber used in cushions. It varies in quantity, structure, and material. Consider the horse you own when purchasing a polyfill rug since some horses are warmer than others. So, they need lightweight rugs even during cold days.


Wearability refers to how well a rug’s fabric fits on the outside, even on regular use. Denier is stronger, meaning it lasts longer if the number depicted by D is higher. A perfect fit is important, especially for a dressage saddle, to ensure the rider and horse are comfortable. Horse owners with horses that shred rugs need to invest in thicker options.

How to Care for Your Horse Rug

A horse rug keeps your four-legged friend healthy and protected from cold. They’re highly beneficial to the horse and rider. Follow the guidelines below to care for horse rugs.

  • Store rugs that are not in use in a cool, dry place to ensure it doesn’t get dirt or damp.
  • Spot-clean your horse rugs with a soapy solution every two weeks. If more cleaning is necessary, do so, then rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.
  • Always vacuum carpets before each use to blow away dust and filth.
  • Replace rugs when they show indications of wearing.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your horse from cold, rain, and the sun will keep it healthy. Buy the right accessories to ensure the horse is comfortable all year round by considering material, size, lifestyle, age, or weight.