There was a time when electric heaters were supposed to be only for indoor use and enclosed spaces. Nevertheless, that does not prevent you from enjoying long nights outside on the patio or in the garden. An outdoor electric heater is a great idea for enjoying a starry night in your courtyard or a barbeque party on your terrace.

However, with the advent of outdoor electric heaters, it is easier to enjoy every moment you have with your family outdoors in the evening rather than huddling in a blanket.

Electric heaters are popular due to their affordability, ease of maintenance, and the wide range of equipment available on the market. Let us delve into the advantages of having outdoor electric heaters.

Keeps everyone warm

Outdoor heaters that run on electricity produce infrared heat by energising an emitter. As a result, the heater’s flame provides radiant heat from the infrared rays, making it possible for everyone to stay warm and comfortable while outside. Instead of heating the surrounding air, an outdoor electric heater warms people and objects within its warmth radius, even if it is windy or no wind. Here, the heat is not lost or dissipated into the air.


By choosing electric heaters, home and business owners avoid using fire to heat their spaces making outdoor electric heaters a safe option. Instead of using other energy sources like propane or natural gas to produce fire and then use it to transfer it into infrared heat, here; it uses electricity to produce heat.

Eco-friendly and no health risk

Many people consider the environment when buying products, whether that means recycling them or reducing their carbon footprint. While natural gas and propane heaters are also considered environmentally friendly heating options, outdoor electric heaters are a step into the future. Electricity will be the only form of 100% renewable energy that is available to individuals and businesses. It won’t be necessary to make a change later when you choose outdoor electric heaters.

Also, the heaters do not emit any harmful odours or chemicals.


A heater powered by electricity generally costs less than those powered by propane and natural gas. Although, all are relatively inexpensive sources of energy for energy-efficient patio heaters.

Energy efficient

You get excellent value for your money when you use electric heaters because they are 90% energy efficient.

Silent operation

The working noise of an outdoor electric heater is silent; it will never come in the way of your interesting conversations. With their sleek design, they do not disturb the ambience of their surroundings while still producing generous heat.

Mountable units and smart accessories

Our outdoor electric heaters can be mounted on walls or ceilings using brackets. This way you can maximize the use of valuable patio space. The outdoor electric heaters do not need any ventilation space.

The next-gen technology allows these electric heaters to integrate into your home or office management systems. They also come with advanced conveniences like temperature controls and universal control panels.

Choose the size and type you want

Browse through our website to find the size and type you need and we can provide a solution to your heating problems all year round.

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