Heets is one of the pioneer makers of heated tobacco products. Their Heatsticks are smartly designed with effective filtering systems. Their products are marketed as IOQS and are known for precision control of temperatures while the tobacco is being heated. It is one of the highest selling brands among the ones that are available today.

Hence, iqos is a kind of e-cigarette that heats the tobacco stick instead of burning it. The stick is heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit where nicotine is released. It removes the tar and other toxins that are found in ordinary cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are permitted by the European Union, UAE Union, and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Buying heets sticks

IQOS Heets is a popular choice over ordinary cigarettes due to its several benefits. Heated Products is a registered online store that sells Heets sticks. They offer varieties of flavour that have roasted and balanced tobacco mixture with a rich strong taste. All their Heets sticks are for use with IQOSdevices.

Each carton contains 10 packs with 20 sticks so that you can enjoy vaping 200 sticks. Heated Products understand that Heets is a completely new way to enjoy tobacco. Their tobacco is made from the finest leaf and produced into small sticks that open up an entirely new world of taste and flavour for their customers.

You will get varieties of flavours and aromas at Heated Products categorized under the name of different selections. There are distinct flavours like cooling menthol enhanced with citrus and apple notes, soft, fragrant tobacco blended with spicy notes.

Let us note the benefits:

Breaks nicotine addiction

Heets make it possible to give up smoking and nicotine addiction even if it has tobacco present in it. However, the way tobacco is prepared before smoking by just getting heated and producing no smoke reduces the chances of becoming addicted.


Heets sticks for IQOSare not very expensive if you buy from a reliable online store and take the advantage of the discounts offered.


One of the best things about Heets sticks is that they are portable. They can be stored in little containers or the holders available for storing sticks.

A variety of categories and tastes are available

One of the main reasons why many people prefer IQOS over other brands is due to their vast product range and the delicious flavours available.

IQOS offers a variety of product categories in delectable tastes and flavours. You have the choice to select from a traditional to an opulent range of products.

One of the prominent Heets offered by IQOS is Heets Purple Wave. It is a premium heating element that heats tobacco in 15 seconds. It has a remarkably rich aroma with tastes of strawberry, banana, blueberry, and dragon fruit.

It also offers a cooling and delectable aroma of dark forest fruits. Users have accepted the fact that the exotic aroma improves the vaping experience.

Heet sticks for IQOS are the latest popular alternative to traditional smoking as its marketing depicts the product as sophisticated, high-tech, and aspirational.

Buy Heets sticks from a trustworthy online supplier to get the most authentic and maximum benefits.