The next step in ‘Industrialization’ beyond tech evolution takes a turn toward technologies that build a base of seamless operations. From data science & AI to quantum computing, digital growth brings notable creations across tech firms in Pune.

Visualizing the trend of in-demand skills, data science comes out as a shining star that tech giants in Pune are in search of. Due to higher pay, lesser entry risks, and a skills gap, the demand for data scientists touches the sky. Hence, the data science institute in Pune is becoming famous too.

The global data science platform expects a market growth of 29% by 2029. As a result, a steady rise in demand for skilled data scientists is the next big thing in the industry. But a huge skills gap prevails in the field due to unstable learning & costly course programs. Data science course in Pune fees become a hurdle for many learners.

This blog will brief you about the fee structure of the data science courses in Pune to help you make better career choices.

Data Science In Brief!!

Data science is an approach to derive useful info from disturbed or unstructured data. As a result, firms find their decision-making practice getting reasonable. In this digital growth era, firms adopt a data-driven culture that supports their business growth moves with facts. From extracting insights to evaluating their uses, data scientists become vital in the field.

Do you want to pursue a trending data career? Do you also dream of getting into leading MNCs in Pune as a certified data scientist? Then, what is limiting you from this? A leading data science institute in Pune can make you job-ready with proven skills.

If you search, you will find many options for data science institutes across Pune that help the experts to upskill and get placed across MNCs. But due to the level of course fees, many steps back from the course programs. Let me tell you some data science courses come with a budget-friendly fee structure and easy financing options that you may opt for.

Fee Structure for Data Science Course in Pune

The business landscape in the 21st Century brings proven technologies in the forms of AI, ML, Automation & Data science. But mastering these skills becomes hard if mentorship fails. Thus, various data science course programs are created that are mentored by industry experts at an affordable fee structure. A better knowledge of a data science course in Pune fees will help to make wise career decisions.

Data science courses are available in online and offline mode. Some of them are also available in hybrid sessions that bring a scope of self-paced & flexible learning. Many trending institutes in Pune deliver theoretical and practical sessions to upskill the experts with the proven skill set. From career counseling to 100% placement help, data science courses turn out to be full-package deals for many.

  1. Datamites is a leading data science institute in Pune that offers an industry-driven course program. From self-study resources to job assistance, Datamites never lets you down. With a specific fee structure, the data science course program costs you ₹72,345 (original cost—₹110,000). The program also has a no-cost EMI option for the learners, where they have to pay just ₹12,058 per month for 6 months.

A data science course in Pune fees will not be a hurdle for learners with such flexible financing options. With successful completion of the course, the learners get the scope of virtual/in-classroom sessions for capstone projects to brush up on their skills. With the knowledge and real-time learning of data science tools, experts can see a rising future in this field.

  1. Learnbay is the other leading data science institute in Pune that reshapes your data career to lead the field with proven skills. This course program is available for both freshers and working professionals in any field. With a basic knowledge of applied mathematics/statistics, you can start learning data science. By the end of the course program, you will become a certified data scientist who can make informed decisions.

This program costs you ₹99,000 plus 18% GST with an attractive financing package. Under the no-cost EMI option, the learners need to pay only ₹9,735 per month. With easy use of credit cards, internet banking & no-cost EMI way, learners can start their learning journey with Learnbay.

  1. ExcelR is the other leading data science institute in Pune that costs you ₹54,999 with a zero interest rate EMI option. With 100% placement help, this course guides your career in the data field in the right direction. Yet, the absence of capstone projects for real-time learning may challenge your career.

On average, a trending data science course program can cost you as less as ₹30,000 (Beginner course) and as much as ₹20,00,000 (IIMs). But with a better financing fee structure, your worry about a data science course in Pune fees ends. Data science courses won’t come at a low cost.

The industry experts from leading MNCs get here to train the learners and reshape their careers in data science. But different courses vary from each other. So, before getting into any course, you must research properly about its features. A course program with 100% placement help & flexible financing option suits you the best.

To Conclude

A data science job needs skills in finding facts and making insightful decisions. Data scientists in MNCs help firms enhance their profits & build a reliable future in the data field. The best data science institute in Pune guides your career toward an endless scope of growth. From learning real-time use of data science tools to refining your interview skills, you can bag your dream job role.

A Data Science Course in Pune helps you make a promising career with the choice of domains. Their intent through the program is to help the learners to have an affordable yet quality upskilling scope. This program lands you in leading data science job roles with attractive hikes and growth.

Apart from upskilling through capstone projects, a global certificate from IBM & Microsoft enhances the quality of your resume. Now, becoming a part of the global data science group becomes easy.