You must understand the importance of a driver’s licence if you operate a motor vehicle. To drive on Indian roads, you must have this crucial document. Four-wheeler insurance for your new car purchase is another document you must have on file for your vehicle. You can quickly obtain a car policy online without waiting in a queue at the insurer’s office. When exploring the necessity of an original driving license on Indian roads, it’s essential to understand the compliance details of Bajaj Allianz car insurancepolicies. *

As previously mentioned, a driver’s licence is required. However, is carrying original documentation while driving required?

Are Original Print Copies Of Driver’s Licences Required On Indian Roads?

Do you need to carry your original driver’s licence? You are required by law to present the original driver’s licence to the authorities upon request. On the other hand, a hard copy of your driver’s licence is not required.

Document usage and storage have evolved with the advent of digital technology. For instance, you don’t have to carry important documents like your driver’s licence. When necessary, you can choose to download an original driver’s licence instead.

The Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989 have recently been amended to permit drivers to carry their documents on their phones in an electronic format. For all official purposes, the electronic version of your driver’s licence and other documents is equivalent to the physical version. A standard scanned copy of these documents is not considered legitimate. The paperwork must be appropriately certified.

Government agencies maintain the DigiLocker and m-Parivahan apps, where you can electronically store documents. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store offer the apps. You can get the following information from these apps:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Certificate of registration
  • Validity of fitness
  • Policy for car insurance
  • Certificate of pollution under control

Using A Digilocker: A Guide

The DigiLocker app is now accessible to users thanks to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This app is suited for document verification because the authorities manage it in charge of issuing transport documents. This app lets you obtain your electronic documents in a standard format. You can also e-sign documents uploaded to the app using this feature.

Utilising the DigiLocker app, managed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, streamlines document verification, offering electronic access to various documents, including driver’s licenses. This electronic filing system benefits both commuters and authorities. It ensures document security for travellers, as electronic copies eliminate the risk of physical document loss or theft. Additionally, instant access to e-documents simplifies interactions with authorities, avoiding delays. Authorities benefit from faster document delivery and reduced paperwork, allowing for efficient identity verification and enforcement.

However, driving without a valid physical or digital license can result in consequences. Potential outcomes include fines, imprisonment of up to three months, car insurance claim denial, and vehicle seizure. To prevent these repercussions, individuals must maintain a digital copy of their license on apps like DigiLocker, ensuring timely renewals and compliance with driving regulations.

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