If you’ve been working from home, you might be feeling like everything is a blur and your whole life revolves around your career. From getting a fast internet connection by looking up Spectrum internet prices to coordinating all your tasks, things can get overwhelming. This can happen when you’re stuck in a rut even if you’re going to the office. Burnout has been classified as a mental health issue, and you should take it seriously. After all, you want a healthy work-life balance and not a short-lived hyperactive career where you just crash at some point. 

Therefore, you need to motivate yourself and maintain this motivation to work properly and still have time for yourself. You just have to take better care of yourself. It might seem contrary that not working makes you more productive, but that’s the truth. If you constantly put your nose to the grindstone, you’ll eventually get extremely exhausted and be of no use to anyone, damaging your mental health to boot. Therefore, here’s how you can overcome burnout and get motivated to do better both in your professional and personal life. 

Take A Break

You need to give yourself a break now and then. Do not just constantly work, or you’ll feel yourself zoning out. Instead, pull yourself away from your laptop every few hours to walk around a bit, have a snack, or just relax with some music or a book. 

This will help you refresh your mind and will motivate you to do your work better as well. In addition, it will prevent you from getting tired and is generally good for your mental and physical health. 

Change Your Setting

Just a small change of location can make all the difference in preventing burnout. Sometimes, just going through the same routine in the same place can make you feel exhausted. You can deal with this by keeping your living and working space separate, even if it’s just a folding desk in a corner of your apartment. 

In addition, you can rearrange your workspace a bit now and then to make yourself feel like you’re in a new setting. This can reset the monotony, and help you work and relax better. 

Go Off The Grid

Make sure you do not work regularly after a set time, and just put away your work devices once you log off. Keep strict boundaries between your work and personal timings, and do not let anyone infringe on them. 

In addition, do not use your laptop or phone when you need to sleep. Otherwise, your brain will still be stimulated when you try to sleep, and your sleep quality will suffer. This contributes to burnout and prevents you from waking up motivated. 

Set A Refreshing Morning Routine

Even if you have to get up a few minutes earlier, you shouldn’t directly get up from bed to just brush your teeth, have coffee, and get straight to work. Instead, you should have a refreshing morning routine that gears you up for the day. 

Morning meditation for a few minutes can really help you get in the right headspace. In addition, a healthy breakfast will make you feel better and will keep you fulfilled while you work. 

Focus On Your Hobbies

Often, people lose sight of what makes them happy when they just focus on work. Do not fall for this trap, and give time to your hobbies. Whether it’s a dedicated game day, or an hour or so set aside for solving jigsaw puzzles, do not give up your hobbies. 

They will make you feel fresh, relaxed, and will take your mind off the monotony and pressure of work. In addition, they will boost your mood, making you more motivated and productive in general. 

Reach Out

Do not just lock yourself up in isolation to focus on work. Do communicate with your friends and colleagues, even if you can only do so virtually. In addition, if you feel like you’re burning out, do not be afraid to ask for professional help. There are plenty of good mental health resources out there you can use. 

In conclusion, you can prevent burnout by giving yourself space and time from work. This will lead to you being more productive and motivated in all aspects of life. 

Check out the infographic below for tips to stop the stress build up and keep it from burning you out!

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Infographic provided by Scottsdale Mental Health and Wellness, an Arizona substance abuse treatment center