A lot of people get trapped into the idea that they are not good at leading and decision-making. They feel more of an ordinary person rather than a professional. A lot of people are unaware that they have what it takes to become a leader. But how can you distinguish the qualities? Well, leadership comes in many ways, sizes, and its qualities are subtle. We recommend reading more about Fahim Ekbal Moledina, one of the great consultants in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Here are some signs to make sure you are a leader.

You Seek Other People’s Opinions

Leaders seek people’s opinions. No leader can work as a one-person army because they collaborate and join forces with the people. An organization needs productive and efficient people. If you are capable enough to listen to others, you can listen to the ideas and points of view of your team members, which will strengthen your bond and bring collaboration. Let’s suppose you are in a meeting, and your colleague is presenting. Everybody asks different questions, but all are let down by the manager. Would you prefer to sit in a meeting like that? No! Right? A leader never refuses opinions. He always encourages you to ask more.

You Have The Ability To Stay Calm

Leaders never show their vulnerability. They know the subtle art of persuading and motivating people. Staying calm in any situation is a sign that you can handle losses and great traumas but still lead the company through thick and thin.

If you are aggressive or sensitive, handling your employees would be a complete disaster. A leader is someone who responds to a situation calmly and with a plan. Clearing your mind from emotions and acting decisively is not for everybody. A positive attitude towards people is a gesture of calmness and friendliness. Your relations would get better, and your hesitation would reduce greatly.

You Are A Good Listener

Being able to listen to others, having people speak to you about anything, frankly, is a sign of a good listener. You are a good leader if you know that listening is more important than speaking, and people can count on you. Listening to someone as a leader like Fahim Moledina Edmonton with great attention is showing sincerity, and it is the sole purpose of being a leader—giving respect to others. Listening to someone makes them seek advice from you.

Empathy And Open-Mindedness

A narrow-minded person can never understand someone. People seek empathy, and if you can provide that, you are more likely to get their attention. Open-minded leaders are more self-aware. They are trusted by the employees, and their ideas are always unbiased. Employees need empathy. The 9 to 5 grind, followed by family problems, destroys their creativity. Talking and soothing them are important. If you can relieve people and make them feel secure, you possess the quality of an excellent leader.


Everybody is not born as a great decision-maker or a leader. As people attain different skills, these can also be learned and mastered. If you have these qualities mentioned above, your leadership qualities are quite intuitive. You just need to gain experience, master every one of them, avoid mistakes, and work with your team effectively.