Tourism is among the major industry of Nepal. In 2022, there are literally over a thousand travel agencies within this tiny nation. Undoubtedly, each one of these travel agencies in Nepal claims to provide the best services and facilities. This makes it very hard for the trekkers to know which one is the Best Travel Agency. Instead of giving you the list of popular ones, let us teach you How to Choose the Best Travel Agency in Nepal. In the end, you will be able to find the best ones yourself.

Look For a Registered Agency

Even before you think of booking your treks in Nepal, find out if it is really registered at Nepal Tourism Board. You can either get the list of such agencies on TAAN’s website or simply ask the travel agency to show you the certificate of registration. For climbing the mountains, the agency should be listed under the Mountaineering Association of Nepal (NMA).

Not just for the travel agency, you should look for a licensed travel guide in Nepal. The trained and experienced guide to Nepal should be able to show their license with pride.

Compare Facility And Then Cost 

Trekkers often compare the price and book the cheapest travel package to Nepal. And once they get here, they end up paying a lot of extra cash for the facility that is not included in the package. Most of the time, they end up staying in bad places and getting the worst services. So, while comparing the price, make sure that you compare the facility also. Don’t know which facility you should look for? That’s why we are here. 

  • Hotel transfers cost
  • Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner in cities and trekking trail
  • Domestic flight tickets,
  • TIMS card, 
  • Entry permits, 
  • Type of accommodation, 
  • Cost of guides, porters 
  • Insurance and rescues 

Many agencies provide rooms on sharing basis and meals only on trekking trails (not in cities). So before you pay the advance cost, read the company’s terms and conditions thoroughly.

Book with a local travel agency

Many international travel agencies are operating in Nepal. However, when you book with a local travel agency (like Himalayan Masters), you can get the same package at a cheaper price. Also, local travel agencies offer individualized and customized tours. They are more flexible and honest with their trekkers. Since the local travel agency is doing its best for good reviews and impressions from the clients, you end up getting responsible and better service. 

Reference and Testimonials

Asking your friends or connection who have already traveled to Nepal about their experience with a travel agency is a really good idea. If that’s not possible, you can look for the client’s response on the website. The number and type of reviews on an honest website like Tripadvisor or Tourradar is also a good idea. You can also post an inquiry in some trekkers groups on Facebook for an honest opinion. Another effective way to analyze the service is to check their communication or professionalism. You can also find some honest Nepal travel advisory to ask for opinions.  

Look for Achievements

The agency which has a certificate of Excellence, Hall of Fame, 5-star rating, and similar apprise are obviously good for shortlisting. You can see their certificates on the website or social media profile. Such certificates are especially useful when you are booking hotels.  

Other things to look/ ask for 

  • Give-Back Enterprise – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 
  • Customization On Trips
  • Size Of The Group
  • Safety Measures Applied By The Company
  • Check the quality of their website and updates in social media account

Final words, 

A good travel agency like Himalayan masters company can make a huge difference in your travel experience. So, make sure you do your research properly and only pay the advance when you are able to trust their services. 

Hope you find the best one. 

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