You might be surprised if one would say that the heartbeat of the e-commerce firm is order management. Your Order Management System or B2B order management software is like the human body and the primary system that maintains all other systems operating after the buy button, assisting you in fulfilling your brand promise and cultivating client loyalty.

OMS incorporates downstream operational procedures such as managing orders, customer records, fulfillment, inventory visibility, payments and invoicing, and customer careā€”all the in-the-back office tasks essential to effective retail operations.

Customers now need a smooth transaction from beginning to end. By effectively coordinating orders across channels, shop locations, and suppliers, inventory and order management software gives customers and businesses visibility into order flows and stocks.

What is B2B Inventory Management?

Controlling and maintaining your inventory levels in a way that is ready for business is called inventory management. It’s a delicate game that, if managed well, can increase your company’s success, from sourcing your goods to storing them, selling them, and reordering them. Inventory management includes knowing your amounts, what’s selling, what’s coming, and where to store your products.

Managing and evaluating your company’s most valuable asset makes sense. However, to prevent items from running out of stock and having too many things that won’t sell, detailed inventory management will assist you in keeping your stock levels in the ideal range. Overstocking puts a strain on your resources and exposes your company to litigation, while understocking results in dissatisfied customers.

Why Is Inventory Management Vital for B2B Sellers?

A B2B order management system can increase an organization’s effectiveness by 100 times by reducing time. Even for wholesalers, wholesale custom inventory management software can perform numerous tasks with a single click. So, here in this section, we will understand the importance of B2B order management software for B2B sellers.

Manage Sales Channel

Things can rapidly become unorganized if you offer your B2B products through various channels from various warehouses and storefronts. You can put the right product in the right places and optimize your sales channels by managing your inventory. Wherever the inventory may be, your inventory systems must be able to track it.

Identify Inventory Errors

You need to be attentive to avoid repeating the same mistakes regarding inventory. How do you tell whether you’re bringing in failing products or losing money by selling out of things too quickly if you’re not constantly maintaining your inventory? Or how can you tell if your staff is transporting the wrong goods? B2B inventory management software identifying, comprehending, and avoiding errors whenever possible.

Simplify Reordering

Reordering the products becomes much easier if you have enough awareness of the product in your inventory. The B2B Order Management system provides an easy, streamlined system that sets the timelines and notifications whenever any change or selling is made to your inventory.

On-Time Delivery

B2B customers hold you to a high standard for on-time, in-full (OTIF) delivery, and some may have formed SLAs with penalties for non-compliance. Failure to meet these expectations may affect future sales, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. You feel confident you can keep your commitments to clients and deliver on their expectations when you have an order management solution that assembles a real-time, multi-enterprise view of your inventory.

Efficient Financial Management

You can increase your revenue using B2B order management software without going overboard with your spending. In reality, reducing overstocking and understocking can result in a 10% reduction in inventory expenses. Knowing your inventory inside and out will help you set more profitable prices for your products, place orders for goods, and account for other expenses like packaging, storage, shipping, and more.

Customer Retention

Improved inventory control results in fewer errors, fewer “out of stock” items, more effective workflows, and more time for customer support. Attain Long-term client satisfaction by improving accuracy and customer service!

Grow Your Business

Last but the most crucial, the ability of inventory management to expand your B2B firm is its most significant feature. As we just discussed, inventory management is crucial for business growth, which is your top priority. Watch your business flourish as you improve your inventory management.

Challenges of B2B Order Management System

B2B clients will have higher expectations than B2C clients because they are more likely to place more significant, more valuable purchases with you and seek a long-term supplier with whom they can do repeat business. Like B2C purchases, millennial B2B customers want a quick checkout, easy-to-navigate, exceptional customer service experience, and speedy shipment. Customers enjoy one-on-one sales interactions, attractive prices, individualized care, and straightforward ordering procedures. These high standards must be able to be met by your business., and you risk chargebacks and contract cancellations from your most crucial B2B clients.


B2B inventory management software helps your business to grow without compromising quality. This system enables you to complete numerous orders seamlessly without any human errors. It is essential to every firm, but B2B businesses may find it particularly difficult. You may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your order management procedure by being aware of the difficulties and putting some of the advice we’ve provided in this blog post into practice.