In today’s writing world, authors have to be all over it. And by it we mean the different channels that can get your name out there. Most modern authors get their work out there through the likes of Amazon and Audible so it’s important for them to be able to market their fiction online.

Writing the best contemporary fiction Australia has seen for some time is wonderful, but you need people to see that writing, too.

Here are five tips to make that happen:

1. Tell a story

If you’re new to the online publishing game and want to get your name out there then tell a story. After all, you may be just starting out and most people probably haven’t heard of your work, so you should give them a digital taste before they use their credits to buy your work.

Blogging a story is one of the best ways to grab your potential readers so that they want to read more of what you have to offer! All you have to do is blog a 1,500 word short story, maybe even one a month, so that people get an idea of what your writing style is like.

If they find that they resonate with your style then they will probably be more than happy to pick up some of your work from a digital platform.

2. Share your knowledge

You’ve devoted so much time to your writing endeavours that you’re sure to have learned a thing or two about the craft. So, one thing you can do to make yourself a literary authority (and have people want to read your craft) is to share your experience and expertise with potential readers.

Once people start to notice that you’re a literary authority, someone with the experience to share some helpful advice, then they will probably become interested in the work you put all that effort into.

3. Tell your personal story

A writer’s life is often an interesting one, and so there is no reason why yours isn’t! You could tell tales of how you found your inspiration, how you like to go about writing, what your ideal writing situation is and everything else that could become important to legions of fans.

4. Your posts should be grammatically on point

Sure, you may have a professional editor at the publishing company, but they won’t always be there to ensure you’re writing in an active voice or have spelt “utilised” in British (and not American) English.

Anything you post on your blog site should be professionally written in regards to grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. Sure, not everyone will notice the odd mistake here and there, but you don’t want your professional posts to look like a primary schooler wrote them.

5. Share your posts

Modern marketing is about sharing: sharing advice, knowledge, insights, contact details and the list goes on. You should be prepared to share your posts so that they gain traction and direct attention towards your work.

By sharing your blog posts on Facebook writing groups, writing forums, through Twitter, Instagram etc. you will not only be directing potential readers towards your work, but creating a network of like minded people who can further help you achieve your literary goals.

These five tips can really help you take your fiction marketing to the next level, as blogging becomes more imperative for the writer to get their name on Amazon’s front page search results.