Amazon seller tools are being developed by more third parties as the Amazon Marketplace expands quickly. These resources are made to assist Amazon merchants with important procedures. Some software programs are specifically designed for a certain facet of Amazon selling. Then there are seller-specific, all-inclusive Amazon software tools. Multiple important facets of selling on Amazon can be handled by all-in-one tools. Zonbase and Helium 10 are currently two of the most well-liked all-in-one software programs. Both products are adaptable, which makes them great picks for Amazon merchants. But you won’t want to purchase two tools, so which one do you pick? We are here to support you in making the decision about Helium 10 vs Zonbase.

Zonbase Review

All-in-one Amazon seller software Zonbase has becoming increasingly popular. Zonbase is a full-featured selling toolkit with 13 potent tools. Product research, listing optimization, and sales optimization are all facilitated by these technologies. ZB is a piece of software that runs online. Additionally, a Chrome Extension tool for product research is included. An overview of the Zonbase web-based utilities is provided below:

  • One of the most frequently used tools in the Zonbase collection is ZonResearch. With a few clicks, you may quickly search through Amazon’s vast database. Additionally, it has a pre-set option that enables you to search according to your criteria. These requirements can then be saved and used again.
  • Sales Estimator: The Sales Estimator tool is helpful for estimating the monthly sales of a product. It is essential to know a product’s profitability in detail before selling it. New vendors frequently omit this phase. Before making a purchase, merchants can use this tool to get a comprehensive understanding of a product’s earning potential.
  • Hot Products: This feature is unique and includes the Hot Products tool. It offers you low-demand, high-competition products. The Top 100 Most Gifted Products are typically the Hot Products. They frequently have less than 30 reviews and rising sales trends.

Review of Helium 10

A top all-inclusive Amazon seller software tool is Helium10. This tool offers many different functions. Product research, keyword research, and listing optimization are all supported by Helium10. Other solutions provided by Helium10 help with daily tasks and corporate analytics.

Similar to ZB, Helium10 features a Chrome Extension and web-based software applications. Here is a summary of Helium10’s main tools.

  • White Box: Black Box is a tool for conducting product research that enables database searches using Amazon. By applying filters that correspond to your interests, you can locate successful products.
  • Utilize seasonal trends by viewing a product’s sales and price trends with the aid of the tool Trendster.
  • Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that enables you to snoop on your rivals. Cerebro reveals the keywords that your rivals are achieving success with. Additionally, you can view their monthly search volume.
  • Magnet: Magnet is a tool for finding keywords. The program generates high search volume, relevant keywords. You can use your preferred criteria to filter the keyword results.
  • Using the keyword research tool Misspellinator, you can rank for frequently misspell search terms. Simply include them in the product listing’s backend. Therefore, even if users mistype the keyword, your listing still appears.