If you’re interested in buying Palace rugs, then you of course have a lot of décor considerations to keep in mind. Palace rugs are rugs that are oversized and made for extremely large indoor spaces, so they always come with unique design challenges.

The good news is that there are plenty of palace rug experts out there that can help you when it comes to choosing the right palace rug for your property, as well as how to make the most of these home décor investments from an interior design standpoint.

Rug Source, Inc. is one of the top producers of palace rugs in the United States, and their online policies make them the most affordable and convenient place to shop for palace rugs anywhere in the country. We’ve partnered up with the Rug Source team to ask them about design tips oriented around palace rugs, and below are five crucial design tips that they provided!

Understanding Your Room

The first thing any palace rug shopper will need to keep in mind is their specific space, because the dimensions of palace rugs are obviously very large and you’ll need to guarantee that it’ll correctly fit in your desired space. But simply fitting a palace rug into a large room is just the very beginning when it comes to actually understanding a room from a rug shopping standpoint.

You’ll also need to keep the walls and flooring in mind, and how much natural sunlight enters the room. The existing aesthetics of your desired space is huge when it comes to deciphering which palace rug will best match your unique needs, because the right kind of palace rug aesthetics will incorporate a harmonic balance in terms of ambience and décor.

Palace Rug Sizing

Once you feel like you have a thorough understanding of your room, you’ll then need to hone in on your palace rug’s sizing. Palace rugs are always large, but they do come in different sizes as well. A lot of people think they can fit a couple different palace rug sizes into their room, but it’s usually the case that only one rug size will properly fit into a desired space.

Properly Placing Your Palace Rug

The placement of your new palace rug will largely depend upon its sizing, simply because these rugs are so huge! However, placing a palace rug is sometimes a lot easier said than done, particularly when you have to keep your room’s existing flooring in mind.

It’s important to remember that your new palace rug may be the focal point of your space’s décor, but it shouldn’t be overcompensating in terms of size and placement. In order to achieve a proper palace rug aesthetic, there should be at least a few feet of space between the rug’s edges and the room’s walls.

Choosing A Palace Rug Style

Palace rugs also come in many different styles that shoppers can choose from, so it’s important to know what type of ambience you’re going for with these types of décor investments. Some of the most popular palace rug styles include the following:

  • Contemporary/Modern
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Oriental
  • Persian
  • And much more…

The key to choosing the right palace rug style for your property is that you’re of course going to need to choose a style that you enjoy. You’ll after all be the one who sees the palace rug the most, so it be something that connects with you on a personal level.

Your palace rug’s style should also coincide with the rest of your existing décor as well.

Choosing The Colors Of Your New Palace Rug

Once you’ve chosen a specific rug style that you like, you’ll then need to hone in on the colors that you prefer the most. As much as your new palace rug should coincide with the existing colors of your room, it’s always possible to redecorate your space if you truly love a specific rug that comes in an unmatching color.

Palace Rug Patterns

Lastly, another crucial design tip is to keep a rug’s patterns as a top priority during your shopping process. There are countless palace rug patterns out there, but there’s only one that truly matches your unique space and needs. Finding the perfect palace rug will largely depend upon its pattern, so be sure it speaks to you on a personal level and will look great with your existing décor.

Contact The Rug Source, Inc. Experts When You’re Shopping For Palace Rugs!

Shopping for palace rugs is always a fun and exciting experience, but it’s always a lot easier when you have experienced industry specialists helping you out. Rug Source just so happens to be the top outlet for palace rugs in the entire United States, and you can easily browse through their website to get a better glimpse at their palace rug inventory.

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