We often hear about background checks when we apply for a new job. But many of us do not fully understand what one of these checks even entails. It can be puzzling, to say the least.

Others feel that they know enough about background checks. They understand that this check is used to see if you have a criminal history. But what they might now know is that there are various kinds of background checks. These include identification verification, criminal background checks, credit background checks, MVR reports, fingerprint checks, and education checks.

You may have to do several of the checks listed above when you are applying for a new job. It is not unusual for an employer to use background checks to find out if you have a past criminal record.

Some jobs, such as those who work with children or vulnerable adults, may need to undergo additional checks to ensure one has a good history of being around children or adults that need your care. If you have any records of abusing children, neglecting adults that need care, or are a pedophile, it will be a red flag to the employer, and they will not be able to hire you.

If the job that you’re applying for is one where you are driving, you may have to have a driving check completed. This will show any tickets you have had in the past, as well as other fines you have incurred.

Other employers want more checks to be completed to ensure that you are the best candidate for the job they are offering.

Many individuals use the terms background check and criminal check interchangeably, but they are different. Background checks can serve as a significant tool in evaluating the history, demeanor, and nature of a likely employee. For some jobs, such as those where staff are by themselves or not working with children or vulnerable adults, a basic background check may be enough. Nevertheless, in some departments, it is essential to do all the required background checks to a great standard, which may assist in preventing the employment of possible problematical employees.

The purpose of a criminal record check is to look at a person’s criminal history in particular. In most cases, criminal background checks are limited to the past seven years by default. It is possible, nevertheless, that some employers opt to pay for additional criminal record checks, which may look back ten years or more.

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