A graphic tablet is a powerful tool for creativity. It is suitable for experienced artists who want to move from using traditional materials to creating works on a computer and those who can only learn to draw cool sketches. The obvious advantage of digital works is safety and the lack of constant spending on expensive art tools and continuous variation of materials. However, for a beginner, drawing on a tablet at first may not be easy.

Any model has a USB cable, which is required to connect it to a computer. Other accessories may also include.

Types of Graphics Tables

The varieties most commonly used by artists are two:

  • Desktop tablet
  • Interactive pen pen

Examine the benefits and limitations of both possibilities.

Desktop graphics tablet

The desktop device is a plastic frame with a working area around which can be placed additional elements (for example, buttons or an indicator light). The size of the active region may vary, but it usually corresponds to the standard size of a sheet of paper. The most common are A4 and A5, conveniently placed on the desktop in front of the keyboard. However, sometimes there are models in sizes A3 and A6.

This option is suitable for beginners who want to know how it is – to draw on a graphic tablet. It is reasonable and also has several models of different sizes and features. However, styluses suitable for such models have a built-in tip that will erase over time. Usually, a set of spare tips is included with the stylus, but you may need to purchase additional leads separately if you use the device for a very long time.

Displays an interactive pen

This type visually seems like a cover with a stylus. The pen displays connect to a computer, showing everything happening on the screen monitor. Usually, they are equipped with a stylus and stand. By clicking such a tablet, the artist can draw directly on his screen.

Such devices are suitable for creating high-quality, detailed works, but their cost is higher, so you need to choose this option. In addition, they are often rather bulky, so before buying, make sure there is enough space on your desktop to mark up a new purchase and conveniently work with it.

Important: when choosing a graphic tablet, you should be guided not by the price or popularity of the model but by the level of development of your artistic skills and your needs.

Drawing programs

Anyone who needs to learn how to draw on a graphic tablet needs high-quality, convenient software.

The most popular option is the classic Adobe Photoshop. The program has many versions for operating systems, and on the network, you can find manuals on its one line drawing. However, this option is only suitable for those with a relatively powerful computer – even a lightweight version of the program will consume many resources, heavy device loads. Photoshop is helpful for those who want to use tools for professional image processing in their work.

Another popular program with digital artists is the Easy Paint Tool SAI (and its expanded newer version of SAI 2). Unlike Photoshop, AIS is highly intuitive and will open in seconds. Many artists prefer to create quick sketches. Also, it will request from those whose style is minimalistic and does not need advanced tools.

Both programs can work with a raster or vector image, support the function of pressing the stylus, and also have the ability to fine-tune brushes, which will be helpful when drawing. It is worth taking care in finding the right program, as well as setting it up immediately when you buy a new device. It will help you to get used to it and begin to engage in creativity.

If none of these programs is convenient for you, do not despair because there are a large number of other image editors – for example, designed for a specific job such as creating comics.

Graphics Tablet Settings

To make your work more productive, before you start drawing, you should adjust your device. Most tablets – for example, products from the well-known company Wacom – have a driver disk, along with instructions for installing them. If these items are not found in the box, both can be found and downloaded online vegetables name for kids.