I was significantly overweight for quite a while. I basically let myself go after having kids, which was a huge mistake. I couldn’t make time to exercise or eat right, but looking back I realize these were all just excuses.

Aside from the normal physical problems like not being able to keep up with my kids, having high blood pressure and cholesterol and chronic pain, it started to really take a toll on my mental health as well. I became depressed, and it morphed into this vicious cycle that if I let it go too long, I’d probably never get out of.

I chose to seek professional help from a nutritionist, which I know is not realistic for everyone. The one main takeaway that I got that I think is the most valuable is planning your meals. As cliche as it sounds, if you fail to plan, you really are planning to fail, especially if food is your weakness.

I found that if I had even just parts of my meals prepped, I would stick with it. My nutritionist recommended buying a food processor to help with a good portion of this. I wasn’t sure at first, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Plus, if I didn’t end up using it for my food prep, then I’d at least find other uses for it.

I checked into different brands but it looked like the holy grail was the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Food Processor. I purchased it from KitchenWorksInc, and I have had zero regrets about it since I started using it. What an absolute game changer.

I suppose I never put a lot of thought into what I could actually do with a food processor, and when I got on the internet I fell into a rabbit hole of all these different ideas. I found more than I thought I might ever need. It certainly made my life so much easier.

I’m able to get all of my veggies ready without chopping anything by hand, aside from a few minor things that don’t exactly have the volume required to warrant chopping via a food processor. I grind my own meat so I know it’s good quality. I hardly buy anything store bought that I can make from scratch.

I ended up losing 40 pounds in the first 6 months of changing how I ate through simple food preparation. I had to start slow with the exercise because I got winded too quickly, but as the weight came off my endurance got way better.

I enjoy my time with my kids so much more, and I don’t feel embarrassed about not being able to keep up anymore. My health has really balanced out too. Overall, my food processor really changed my life!